14bit MC14 A2

A/D, parallel with some train lines

  1. 14bit
    Made for MC14: Trains

    Trains run every 20-30 seconds; it randomly picks from sending the Red train, the Blue train, or both at once.

    The layout is built with the main route weaving parallel with the train lines, and there's a ton of height variation between the two points. It's unlike anything I've made or seen before, so hopefully it works!


    1. hl2_2021-05-23_01-44-06.jpg
    2. hl2_2021-05-23_01-44-45.png
    3. hl2_2021-05-23_01-45-04.jpg
    4. hl2_2021-05-23_01-45-27.png
    5. hl2_2021-05-23_01-45-45.jpg
    6. hl2_2021-05-23_01-47-16.png

Recent Updates

  1. A2: Less sightlines, better trains