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  1. Mystic Monkey

    Retexturing props

    I got two model-texture based problems. One involving props, the other involving capture point hologram. So, I know how to replace default textures in TF2 (this tutorial helped) yeah haven't actually tried it on a TF2 default model, but I have with a custom model and it worked. But for my map...
  2. Yabayabayaba

    Frontline Bunker roof texture solved

    I am using the frontline metal bunker textures, but have discovered that there is no texture for the roof, and I can't find a suitable texture. Just using the wall texture on the roof looks weird, but other textures look misplaced. Do you think I should slant the roof and use a wooden shingle...
  3. Simulacron

    Does the texture resolution in the browser matter?

    This may be a very dump question, but I just got it while working with hammer. Does it matter which resolution I choose in the texture browser. I personally always use the 256x256, but does the textures are better in-game if I would use 512x512? Or is this just the size it's displayed in the...
  4. mistertilapia

    Dev Texturing Tips?

    Hello all, I've tried to make a few maps but on each one I've had trouble refraining from doing art passes before the layout is proven. This is mainly due to the fact that my usual orange/gray dev textures are painful to look at and don't distinguish landscape and structures very well. I was...
  5. Shadowgattler

    Model [COMMISSIONING] Need help creating cloth model (see inside)

    I'm in desperate need of this specific model asset. It's an overhang in a desert market. My prices are very negotiable so please don't be shy to let me know if you're interested.
  6. MaccyF

    Brick/brickwall004_ Fix v1

    Includes: Brick/brickwall004_fix Brick/brickwall004c_fix Brick/brickwall004d_fix Brick/brickwall004e_fix which are identical to their sans _fix counterparts but with less noisy bumpmaps taken from brick/brickwall002 in an attempt to reduce the visual clutter that the original textures cause.
  7. Kyzer

    [7/16/19] Kyzer's DevTex Pack - Dark Nodraws F4

    Screenshots: This pack is kept updated periodically. =================================================== Update F3.2: devtex/toolsnodraw_black devtex/toolsnodraw_transparent (SEE NOTE!) NOTE: nodraw_transparent LEAKS!!! Do not use it to seal a map! It's intended to be used so you can...
  8. Kyzer

    Beachhead A4

    Beachhead - Single-stage linear payload map, outdoors, 3 midcap, bot support (sentries + navmesh), workshop Pl_Beachhead Pl_Beachhead is my first published TF2 (nevertheless, payload) level. I've made quite a few though I never got them to presentable quality. You can read me about me at...
  9. Snus Fika

    Texturing a specific surface. How to?

    Something that has always bothered me while making the base of my maps is the dev texture. I know that it's good to use while making the structure. It's easy to remove and add, but something has been bothering me so much i almost gave up my mapping entirely. In many, many videos of mapping...
  10. Tumby

    Themed Wood Beams And Walls + Model 1.0.1

    Award-winning! (Disclaimer: No officially recognized awards have been granted so far.) Breathtaking! (Disclaimer: No breaths have been taken, legally speaking.) Mind Boggling! (Disclaimer: There are no studies to back up this claim.) This pack of 17 custom textures and 2 custom models is not...
  11. Crowbar

    [Tutorial] Skewing textures in Hammer

    Imagine you have a slope in your corridor, with a piece of wall going up, like this: What would you do for it to look prettier? Use a beam? Maybe. Use alt-right click feature to precisely rotate it and position it? Would rather work for beams, doesn't look as cool on the walls. But wait...
  12. Meebas

    [Texture] - Patchwork

    Edited in photoshop to be seamless! Includes RED & BLU variants.
  13. Z


    Anyone know how to stretch a texture? Say if I wanted one blood stain and not two halves of one
  14. Yabayabayaba

    Mayan Floors

    So I got the Mayan pack, and it doesn't come with floors, so I was wondering what everyone thought the best floor texture would be. The pictures in the Mayan pack use a cobble like the medievalcobblestone2 I am currently using. I however am not satisfied with it and am interested in the experts...
  15. Werewolf

    Is there a way to make an animated texture start at a specified point via in input?

    So I'm using an animated texture on a large func_brush that is disabled by default. When it's enabled it of course displays the animated texture on it, but the problem is that it often the texture is half way though the animation. What I want to know is if there is some way to force it to start...
  16. Crash

    imetal002b 2016-05-05

    imetal002b to go with imetal002 put in tf/materials
  17. Werewolf

    Help with textures for Propper created props

    I've just got propper working but I suspect I have missed something, or I've not set something up correctly. In short when I compile my models get the model files just fine, but not the textures for them. Instead Propper 'converts' the .vmt files for all the individual textures by swapping the...
  18. Gabriel378

    Displacement error

    Hi everyone , i am a new user, probably this is not the right place to write, so excuse me ... I'm making a pretty cool map, but when i compile it, this is the log...
  19. Co2medicCoder

    Texture looking streched/low quality

    Ive been working on my map the dev textures look ok and then i decided to start texturing to find that all the texture i applyed were all streched or low quality if anyone knows how to fix this all help is apprishiated thanks
  20. Jansteffen

    Can't get lights.rad to work

    Hello everyone, I just recently began mapping and so far it's been going pretty well, however I wanted to create a texture that acts as a light source, which after a quick google search I found an article in the developer wiki and various youtube tutorials showing how it is can be done via...