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  1. TheCrafters001

    Hammer not opening Texture Viewer

    I've been trying to get back into mapping, but I have been having an issue with hammer that I cannot seem to fix. Whenever I click Browse on the texture viewer, Hammer locks up, but doesn't freeze. I did some scrolling through the dropdown, and I noticed that a lot of the dev textures are...
  2. Cyberen

    Texture color transition with material_modify_control? SOLVED!

    I have this texture I want to transition between having a $color2[1 0 0] to $color2[1 1 1], but not immediately. How can I engineer material_modify_control to make the transition from red to normal happen in a one-second transition via an input? Turns out the answer was here! I've prepared a...
  3. Ismaciodismorphus

    Blend Texture Vmt file Video Helper

    I made a video about making a simple vmt file for a blend texture
  4. Smurfin USA

    DDT Misc. Decal Pack 2021-12-20

    vtf/vmt files in a .zip. Keep them in the folder named smurfin_custom and put that folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\materials These are loosely themed around a map I'm making. It takes place in coastal chemical facilities, where safety is a prohibited...
  5. Fiddleford

    72 Hour Jam sky_desertnight_01 1.0

    sky_desertnight_01 Night themed skybox that I've made for the 72hr Jam 2021. Use with credit.
  6. FamyCHoff

    How can you fix a texture bug with a model?

    how can you fix this texture bug? "UnlitGeneric" { "$baseTexture" "nature/snowy_treeline001" "$translucent" 1 "%compilepassbullets" 1 "$nodecal" 1 } this is the vmt file of the texture of the trees behind the model.
  7. Fafnir

    Looking for someone to redesign a map for our trade server!

    Hello! My partner and I are looking for someone to commission, to essentially redesign a map for our new trade server. This would include added new textures and models and consolidating "removing the fluff" of the current map to make it more small. If you are interested please add me on either...
  8. radarhead

    Canvas/Tent Textures 2

    A set of canvas tent textures so you can make your own circus tents, shop awnings, archaeological digs, and marinas. Includes four colors adapted from the circus tents seen in Carvinal of Carnage (red, blue, purple and green striped) and three more adaptable solid colors (Egypt Khaki, Military...
  9. nekomaster1000

    Blurry textures and backface culling on Blender-exported props

    Hi! I'm very new to TF2 mapping, and in trying to replicate a cross-texture Fungus from Minecraft in Source, for whatever reason Blender exports the model with backface culling and Linear-based textures instead of Closest-based ones (non-blurry nearest-neighbour style) despite me specifically...
  10. Gothic Organist

    Eclectic Bricks Pack 1.3

    12 different brick textures for buildings with a more well maintained look than standard TF2 brick textures. The come in 4 base colours (rusty red, light orange, brown and cream white) and each has multiple variations of stripes. Every texture includes fitting normal map (what gives an illusion...
  11. Ismaciodismorphus

    Snowblendpack 9/17/2021

    Snowblendpack includes blend textures for nearly every ground/rockwall/Egyptian wall textures and a texture zoo VMF file included in the zip
  12. Ismaciodismorphus

    Ground007 pack 5/20

    Ground007 blend pack is labeled ground7 in hammer. This pack consists of blend texture vmt's for ground007 and pretty much every rockwall texture in the game...
  13. JackHundeswald

    [SOLVED] Can't make transparent custom texture

    Hey there! I'm trying to make a custom cloud texture material for use on brushes, and I use GIMP to make the texture. so far so good, exported both in png and tga, the transparency works on the computer, as the icon has transparency. But when putting it in VTFEdit, the transparent part turns...
  14. Cyberen

    Stretched textures?

    [/IMG] Anyone know why my textures are offset like this in-game when it's not the case in-engine? The texture in question has clamp T checked for aesthetics, but it only looks stretched if the texture is off-center. Why would it forget the texture placement? https://ibb.co/XtzBqQk
  15. Emil_Rusboi

    Gypsum wall texture v1

    Gypsum wall texture comes in 2 variants: plain and painted recreated as seen in cp_vanguard
  16. Custard1

    Canaveral Water V2

    A water texture I made for use in Cp_Canaveral Contains both expensive and cheap variants, along with a below water texture water_ocean water_ocean_cheap
  17. G.A.S.

    VAC Sign Overlays V1

    .zip contains 7 Overlays -No credit needed
  18. Ismaciodismorphus

    Darock texture 2021-01-17

    To get texture to work extract into your custom subfolder in your tf folder the texture is named cookin1 in hammer and is transparent
  19. SnickerPuffs

    Snicker's Colored Concrete Mini-Pack v1

    I wanted to have a less-bad version of concrete/wall011b, so I made one! ...and several variants. COMES WITH: - Four colors! (Blue, Red, Green, and White) - Four styles for each color! (Standard, Light Stripes on Uncolored, Dark Stripes on Uncolored, and Stripeless) INSTALLATION: To use...
  20. KoShoMasu

    Christmas Lights cable files on hammer.

    Hello everyone, I'm looking if someone figure out where the Christmas Lights sprite is hide in the tf2 files ? I would like to export the texture to another source games... I know a post has been created 4 years ago, and I hope someone find the location after all this time... Here's the link...