thunderrock A18

It's all fun and games until someone launches a rocket

  1. Minimus Ambus
    Listen up maggots! There comes a day in every mans life when he makes a choice that will change... what was the line...he makes a choice that will change the course of history.
    While the brave men making those choices are off on shore leave, you will be dropped into hostile territory. You will escort a tank to RED's rocket launch site, then stuff will explode. Any further questions?
    When do you get paid?
    It was a rhetorical question son, I don't actually care about your questions; or your lives. That's why you will be fighting. So that the rest of us at Builders League United may sleep in one piece.
    Good hunting!

    a youtube timelapse of me making this map is availible here:


    1. pl_thunderrock0000.png
    2. pl_thunderrock0001.png
    3. pl_thunderrock0002.png
    4. pl_thunderrock0003.png
    5. pl_thunderrock0004.png
    6. pl_thunderrock0005.png

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