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  1. Squaggies

    Splatoon / Seaplant Assets a1

    Assets used within Seaplant/Saltspray Rig to use the custom soundscapes, rename the scripts/soundscapes_mvm_example_a4 file to have the EXACT name of your map and input your soundscapes as either: Seaplant.Spawn or Seaplant.Outside You can use each of the sounds as you wish too all of them are...
  2. Da Spud Lord

    Spud Lord's DuskTillDawn Soundscapes V1

    I created these soundscapes due to a lack of nighttime jungle soundscapes for use in my Dusk Till Dawn contest entry. Decided to release these as at least a few people liked the sound in that map, and I figured someone might get some use out of these and I need an excuse to not work on my other...
  3. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Soundscapes don't play

    Hello there, I'm working on the 4th version on my map and it uses the same soundscapes as in the 3rd version. So basically I've "copied" the soundscape txt-file soundscapes_trade_island_a3.txt and renamed the copy to soundscapes_trade_island_a4.txt (just like the map name). However, here comes...
  4. Billo

    custom soundscape issue thingy

    Hey there. I havent made such a post for help for some time now but I am about to break this streak. So , for koth_sharkbay I want to add custom soundscape for the port area of the map. I found the sound I wanted which is around 2 mins , I downloaded in a mp3 form , and I put it in audacity and...
  5. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Huge lag with soundscapes

    There are 4 different areas in the same room in my custom map (you can imagine it as 4 rooms next to each other connected with doors). These soundscapes are controlled by trigger_soundscapes and for each soundscape there is a trigger_soundscape covering the entire room. However when entering...
  6. Ælement

    (Sound) Vietnamese jungle at night loop 2018-08-15

    I recorded a bit of the nighttime sounds in vietnam this summer. I've now made a loop out of it. Use as you see fit. Credit would be appreciated.
  7. CPU Iris

    Map not producing any sounds

    Alright so I ran into another situation with my map. Let me give a quick run down on what the problem is. So I added soundscapes into the map in order to add a much more realistic atmosphere (Note: the soundscapes used are from the game and are not custom soundscapes) After adding these...
  8. Gravidea

    Tutorial Recomendations, making a Pokemon themed map!

    Alright, so here's the break down of things; I've been away from Hammer for a long time due to problems with my computer. It's been a few months since I last posted any threads because the computer I was using got trashed, and I lost all my files along with my motivation to create/work on maps...
  9. XEnderFaceX

    Badyard Soundscapes Final

    All the Soundscapes from my map: pl_badyard --------------------------------------------------------------- Badyard.Outside - Quiet Night with Shooting sounds in the Background Badyard.Inside - Computer Sounds and Dogs in the Background Badyard.Bar - Lighthum, Shooting sounds and Conga...
  10. Urban

    Generic Jungle Soundscape 1

    Sometimes I am productive even while procrastinating, this is the result apparently. Something nobody asked for. ;) Soundscape file includes 4 distinct soundscapes: Jungle.Outside Background insects/wind/general ambiance 2 seperate tracks of birdsong, one default TF2, the other custom Flies...
  11. FloofCollie

    Two Questions (Soundscapes and displacements)

    FIRST QUESTION Okay, so, first off: I've seen 3kliksphillip's video on soundscapes, and they've worked in the past for me. I've only ever used them by placing them as prefabs from A Boojum Snark's Soundscapes library, and I noticed they often have one to four info_targets grouped with them. What...
  12. Niuland

    Soundscape issue

    I wanted to use the 2fort.Underground soundscape for a part of my map that is filled with computers. However when I apply it to an env_soundscape and test it in-game, the soundscape works but is missing the specific computer noises i was looking for.The radius is 1000. I'm not sure what i'm...
  13. Sailaser

    Soundscape isn't working

    Hi, I'm trying to add a soundscape,"Dustbowl.Outside". But when I run the map, it's quiet. Did I do something wrong?
  14. AlexCookie

    New download category

    What about "Soundscapes" category? So people can upload custom soundscapes for mappers to use.
  15. AlexCookie

    Frontline! Night Town war soundscape V1.2

    Soundscape includes: Sounds of shotting in bg Sounds of cars in bg Sounds of explosions in bg Nighttime sounds Dogs and Owl sounds in bg Demonstration: How to use guide: 1.Put files from archive to tf/scripts 2.Change soundscape name to Bombtown.Outside 3.Done! (Don't forget to pack it in...
  16. Grubzer

    Custom soundscape problem

    I created custom soundscape, and its playing in-game, but some of the sounds are played as noise. Help please