Generic Jungle Soundscape 1

Adds some nice jungle ambiance

  1. Urban
    Sometimes I am productive even while procrastinating, this is the result apparently. Something nobody asked for. ;)

    Soundscape file includes 4 distinct soundscapes:

    • Background insects/wind/general ambiance
    • 2 seperate tracks of birdsong, one default TF2, the other custom
    • Flies buzzing occasionally
    • Optional gibbon noises (position 0, no falloff)
    • Optional frog noises (position 1, falloff)
    • Same as above but with pervading rain noise, other sounds slightly more subdued
    • Optional close thunder (position 2, no falloff)
    • Optional far off thunder (position 3, no falloff)
    Jungle.Inside (good for buffer between deep indoors and outside)
    • Generic indoors ambiance (industrial hum)
    • Faint bird noises, same 2 tracks as above
    • Same as above, but with faint rain sound
    • Optional far off thunder (position 0, no falloff)
    See a fancy video I made here demonstrating the soundscapes in action:

    Installation guide:
    1. Place both the scripts and sound folders into your Team Fortress 2/tf folder.
    2. Rename "soundscapes_junglemapname" to match the map you want to add the soundscapes to. i.e. soundscapes_pl_urban_a4
    3. Don't forget to pack the sounds and text file into the map!
    If you have any issues with setting the soundscapes up read this and this, or ask away in the thread! Any feedback/suggestions welcome.


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