Soundscape issue

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L1: Registered
Aug 15, 2017
I wanted to use the 2fort.Underground soundscape for a part of my map that is filled with computers. However when I apply it to an env_soundscape and test it in-game, the soundscape works but is missing the specific computer noises i was looking for.The radius is 1000. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, is there something I need to do to the soundscape to have it include the computer sounds?


Back from the dead (again)
Apr 25, 2009
Some soundscapes have special 'positions' that you mark out using info_targets linked to the soundscape. These will make the specific sounds play from that specific info_target for each position number (ie. next to a computer console). You can have multiple named ones for many computers etc.

You can see which positions some soundscapes have on the Valve Developer Wiki:

For your soundscape, you have these options:
0 Machine Hum
1 Computer Tape
2 Computer Working
3 Computer Tape 2
4 Command Center
5 Printer