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plr_trident 72hr Final v1.1

Payload Race in close quarters

A Payload Race with an emphasis on tight spaces and close-quarters combat. Can you get your cart through when the tracks are so intertwined with the enemy's?

There is a well-hidden Easter egg in this map. Can you figure out how to make it appear?


This map uses door prefabs and game logic from the Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack.
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Latest updates

  1. The Really Actually Truly Real Final Update.gifpg

    Fixed some visual issues spotted in the screenshots.
  2. plr_trident

    Final version for the 72hr Jam 2021. While this is the final version of the map as far as the jam is concerned, I may revisit it at a later date outside of the jam. There is an easter egg hidden in this map. Can you find it? You'll have to...
  3. plr_trident

    * Art pass stuff * Added new doors from the side corridors to the second track crossing * Added windows in the stairwells in the side hallways * Made the doors in the central hallway at ground level the same size * Reduced round setup time to 15...