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  1. GeoLikesLogic

    Big Box Version A2

    It's literally a room with 2 spawns looking against eachother. Each one has 2 doors, one of the blue doors has a broken no entry overlay and all of which are way larger than they reasonably should be. The center part of the map changes colour with the point so that's cool.
  2. Owli

    koth_sightlines a11

    Simple first proper map.
  3. LiquidX

    KOTH_Central A1

    After the thrilling success (failure) of cp_frigate, ambition had to be thrown out the window. Introducing, koth_central! You might be wondering... why is it called Central? If its called Central then why isn't this map some sort of train station? ...I couldn't come up with a good name...
  4. M

    Long fight 2019-07-09

    run to the fight then shoot people in the face
  5. SirFireWolfe

    koth_octagon v2 Alpha 1

    This is my first ever map, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. The whole map is octagon-shaped, with a lowered section with the capture point on it, and the spawn rooms attached to opposing walls. To install, place the koth_octagon_v1.bsp file in you tf2 install folder under (tf2 install...
  6. [FIN]Warda67

    koth_phorm A4

    small but open koth map with some levels of height variation. everything works (spawnrooms, skybox etc.). this is my first map so textures are awful. tried to make the level dynamic, but i guess the player is in charge of that. just a simple map
  7. K

    Boxfort Pre Alpha 2019-07-02

    A simple KOTH map that I made (and first playable map I've ever made) I made a map previously (1) but it was just a box with a skybox, nothing else.
  8. SimmyPoo

    Text to VMF Generator V1.0

    Install: Extract the files to wherever, really. Then launch the .exe to use. Current Features: Type text into a box, and turn it into a VMF Choose whether it's for TF2 or CS:GO Planned Features: Allow multiple lines More characters Numbers Punctuation Symbols Possible Features: Accents...
  9. Gruppy

    ctf_twist 2018-07-29

    Simple ctf map. Appropriate for 12 - 24 players. Used ABS's Mappers Resource for ctf logic.
  10. AB98

    SplitCircle 2018-06-28

    SplitCircle is a simple, round KOTH map... but it has working fans that make you fly! Well, not really intriguing, but I guess it's worth a play. Each team has to own the control point for 5 minutes, since the map is rather small and can be traversed easily. This is like my first try at any...
  11. 8

    breweries 8-altmid

    The idea was to make a ctf map with a simple layout, following a formula similar to 2fort in regard to rooms and connecting passages. This is an update to ctf_simple_fort, which I also made. this map is licensed under CC3 NC-SA
  12. T

    cp_simplecontrolpoints final

    There are other versions of this map. I will upload them in a Zip file soon! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Simple control Points cp_mymap_(VERSION) For the Final Version it is: cp_SimpleControlPoints_Final Yet another Simple map
  13. Tango

    Black Ice _a8

    I made a very simple design. Copied from my first map ever. This is gonna be fun.
  14. NiX

    Fastlane v3

    Hi, thanks for taking look at this map, it is my first map for tf2, it is a simple koth map, if you are intrested, take a look at it, it comes with bot support. Im not finish with it yet, i will update it. Im looking for criticism so don't be afraid of giving me some. If you are going to host...
  15. Obroe

    Toovy v2_1

    First map I have made, so don't expect much. Had fun making it; have fun playing it!
  16. bestiebest

    KOTH_deathmatch A2

    This map is a koth map. It's very simple, and streamlined. It's still in development, but it's design is pretty much set in stone. Everything SHOULD work properly, but tell me if anything doesn't work. This is my first map, so don't expect too much. Key points: Ultra fast capture time, now you...