KOTH_Central A1

A simple yet effective King of the Hill map.

  1. LiquidX
    After the thrilling success (failure) of cp_frigate, ambition had to be thrown out the window. Introducing, koth_central!
    You might be wondering... why is it called Central? If its called Central then why isn't this map some sort of train station?
    ...I couldn't come up with a good name considering the lack of real theme in this map. In fact, this map is centered more around the gameplay than anything. It's very close quarters, causing you to be quick on your feet and have swift thinking!

    I hope you guys enjoy!

    Behold the screenshots below:

    20190802203014_1.jpg 20190804191339_1.jpg 20190804191352_1.jpg 20190804191408_1.jpg 20190804191425_1.jpg