SplitCircle 2018-06-28

A fun little round map, and... that's it.

  1. AB98
    SplitCircle is a simple, round KOTH map... but it has working fans that make you fly! Well, not really intriguing, but I guess it's worth a play. Each team has to own the control point for 5 minutes, since the map is rather small and can be traversed easily.

    This is like my first try at any kind of map ever, so feel free to leave a suggestion.

    Anyway, due to its compact size, there was no optimization (e.g. hint/occluder/area portal) applied.


    1. splitcircle1.png
    2. splitcircle2.png
    3. splitcircle3.png
    4. splitcircle4.png
    5. splitcircle5.png