Fastlane v3

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Fastlane v3

Simple koth map

Hi, thanks for taking look at this map, it is my first map for tf2, it is a simple koth map, if you are intrested, take a look at it, it comes with bot support. Im not finish with it yet, i will update it. Im looking for criticism so don't be afraid of giving me some. If you are going to host this map on a public server, please pm me with the ip so i can play with real players and see how it turns out, i only tested it with bots ;)
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. V3 is out!

    New version of the map after some time, added couple things into the map so its much more complex
  2. Ramp v2

    Changelog: - Added more walls to nerf sniping - Changed cap point geometry - Changed map lighting - Fixed some geometry mistakes