Kemilnewthing a1

A collab map between me and I Dinne Ken

  1. Emil_Rusboi
    Kemilnewthing - a collab map between me and I dinne Ken

    Local BLU miners are tired of difficult working conditions, so they are planning on blowing up RED Mining Facility


    1. pl_kemilnewthing_a10009.png
    2. pl_kemilnewthing_a10006.png
    3. pl_kemilnewthing_a10004.png
    4. pl_kemilnewthing_a10003.png
    5. pl_kemilnewthing_a10005.png
    6. pl_kemilnewthing_a10008.png
    7. pl_kemilnewthing_a10007.png
    8. pl_kemilnewthing_a10010.png
    9. pl_kemilnewthing_a10001.png
    10. pl_kemilnewthing_a10002.png