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Methane A13

It's pd_garner, but KotH

  1. Velvott
    This is pd_garner, but KotH. Why? Because Garner has a very KotH layout, and I want to see how it goes as a KotH map.

    20190622185447_1.jpg 20190621233423_1.jpg 20190621233315_1.jpg 20190621233312_1.jpg 20190621233348_1.jpg 20190621233342_1.jpg 20190621233355_1.jpg 20190621233328_1.jpg 20190621233321_1.jpg 20190621233404_1.jpg 20190618214948_1.jpg 20190609193621_1.jpg 20190609193657_1.jpg 20190609193719_1.jpg

    Criticism and feedback are greatly appreciated!


    1. 20190621233306_1.jpg
    2. 20190621233334_1.jpg