How Many Maps Did You?

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Apr 26, 2015
How many maps did you people have to go threw until you got a okay map?

I have 14 maps scrapped during and after development of the map themselves. How many did you go threw? I had to delete my whitejack. Now I am working on my 15th map which is a koth map.
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Feb 14, 2010
I think it really depends on what your background is near 3D level design. If you're starting with TF2 it might take a while before: you get comfortable thinking in 3D, you're able to eye the map scale quickly (even in hammer), you get down the flow of the tools, knowing what you find fun, understanding the balance of the game, etc.

Personally before TF2 I was using Halo 3's forge mode for at least a couple months, planning levels and thinking about it. And even when I got to TF2 it still took me about 25 maps (not released) before I got something that (even today) I wouldn't say is 'bad'.

I think there would be a lot of people that would say 'oh it only took me 2 maps before I made something good', but I don't think those people are counting their unreleased maps that they spent less than a week on.

If you do want to get better at the scale / understanding game things I'd recommend just playing a lot of the game, and then thinking about what your favorite maps are, and then critically ask why - what aspects of those maps were the most enjoyable for you.

Also if you ever have those moments when you get to hammer and your mind just goes blank, try planning on paper some sections of the map. You don't have to plan the whole map, but for more important areas (like Control Points) it would be helpful. Connectors in between those zones can be made up on the fly better than the more important sections of the map.


War Paints Everywhere
Apr 26, 2015
about 6 I gave up on 3 and even then warehouse still has flaws.
It's very hard to play the game if you are not comp level of skill. So that is why I map to do something other then get my ass recked by big ego drivin comp players. I tried to do that before with my one if my maps. It was with the harvest control point and it got shot down. How can I look at maps without having everyone shooting down everything I do?


Jul 31, 2009
  • West (2008) - Huge, Overscaled, Sniper sightline longer than the max hitscan distance
  • Chasm (2009) - huge and overscaled and really open, suffered in name from the canyon syndrome
  • Cordillera (2009) - I don't think it was ever played and it really shouldn't be, was canyon syndrome real bad and detailed before it was ever tested
  • Aussieland (2009) - Overscaled and flat
  • Cloudburst (2010) - Canyon syndrome in an absolute nutshell, map was a rectangular box with rectangular rooms. Managed to salvage something but pretty bad all round
  • Australis (2010) - Attempted remake at Aussieland. Suffered from the same problems and quickly abandoned
  • Windmilltrainsw (2010) - Trainsawlaser copied me
  • Supercollider (2010) - Long and flat (snigger) and sightline haven
  • Artpass Entry (2010) - Abandoned due to me being bad
  • Serenity (2011) - First attempt at an asian setting. Bad models, sightlines, when I first realised I struggle making the settings I like without being bad gameplay for tf2
  • Two Portal 2 maps (2011)
  • Escarpment (2012) - The first map I ever finished. When I started to hit my stride with detailing but was unable to fix the major problems with the map chokepoints
  • Feldspar (2012) - Second attempt at dynamic PL map, layout was a convoluted mess from the getgo and scrapped early
  • Windmill (2012) - First serious koth map attempt, was entirely flat and open, scrapped early
  • Atmosphere (2012) - Attempt at making a koth map with lots of themes in one. Flat and open, scrapped early
  • Paradigm (2012) - First ever community MvM map, had no idea what I was doing and if you play it now you'll hate me and sniper bots
  • Ventus (2012) - Second attempt at MvM map. Common theme here: open as hell. Snipers too strong. Finished but out of necessity
  • Tethys (2013) - Pacific map that was too big for it's own good, had big ambitions but TF2's gameplay was not ready for them. Hit tjuncts in alpha and scrapped after 25 alphas and about 6 entire remakes
  • Suijin (2014) - My first actual success(?) still really open and sniper haven though
  • Whiterock (2014) - Actual good map
  • Inari (2014) - Okay map
  • Venezia (2015) - Koth is hard, on hold indefinitely
  • Cloudtop (2015) - Koth is hard
  • Sulfur (2015) - What happens when I plan detailing properly from the start
  • Teien, Sequoia (2017) - current maps

So yeah, it took me 13 maps before I got something with some staying power (escarpment). 20 maps before I got something official (Suijin) and I'm up to 26 now. And my maps still have significant problems. So in answer to your question, it seems about 20


Sample Text
Mar 20, 2016
1. Koth_zephyr (April 2016) works but boring map. Literally copied viaduct formula so nothing interesting. There are some sightline issues. although it wasn't too bad. Some areas overscaled.
2. cp_untitled (May 2016) Basically dustbowl but even worse. Learned the importance of flank and multiple path. Some areas overscaled, sightline issues. Uninteresting. Extreme chokes.
3. koth_cliffface (Nov 2016) Extremely overscaled koth map. Sightlines everywhere and generally uninteresting.
4. cp_strongboard (Dec 2016) the map description says 'Dustbowl?' and it literally playes like dustbowl except its worse. wrong flank placements, main route not useful, massive sightline in first point. I might revisit if i am out of idea but that would mean rebuilding almost half of the map.
5. cp_goodstore (Jan 2017) An experimental cp map. overscaled, blue can not win, some sightline issues, not enough flanks.
6. cp_depot. (Jan 2017)I was going for asymmetrical control point map like tc but only one pair of cps. sightlines, mid point not interesting, slightly unbalanced, Uninteresting mid.
7. pl_logged_in. (Jan 2017)Alpine pl map. first pl map. overscaled. overpowered engi spots, choke worst than dustbowl, badwater ripoff final.
8. cp_oilmass_72hr. (Feb 2017) 72hr map with experimental (kinda) cp map. first point was fine but area in front of blue lacked height differences, long sightline, a bit overscaled.
9. mvm_ripe. (June 2017) fucking robots getting stuck between air molecules. idk why.
10. cp_cardboard_a2c (Jul 2017) ok it seems? I am working on it. little bit overscaled. some sightline issues.

non completed.
As you can see I scraped maps really really quickly but that does not hurt me too much.

I worked on portal 2 maps before I got into tf2 mapping so that probably helped me get scaling right a little bit.


The end of an era
Jul 30, 2014
It's very hard to play the game if you are not comp level of skill. So that is why I map to do something other then get my ass recked by big ego drivin comp players. I tried to do that before with my one if my maps. It was with the harvest control point and it got shot down. How can I look at maps without having everyone shooting down everything I do?

This is a bit off topic but oh well.

Something you've probably noticed already is that a lot of us here are pretty good at TF2. We've played the game for years before mapping for it. So when we test maps we're not gonna dumb down our skills for newer or lesser skilled players. We're testing maps, we need to play them to the best of our abilities to get the most out of testing.

As for looking at maps, if you find yourself dying too much for your liking, then load up a map by yourself and inspect it alone. It might be a bit more boring, but 99% nothing's gonna kill you when you're alone. You can also look at the demos uploaded to the feedback site after a map is tested, which will let you see EVERYTHING that went down during that map test, and from any perspective. And you defiantly can't die as a Spectator.


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Apr 26, 2015
This is a bit off topic but oh well.

Something you've probably noticed already is that a lot of us here are pretty good at TF2. We've played the game for years before mapping for it. So when we test maps we're not gonna dumb down our skills for newer or lesser skilled players. We're testing maps, we need to play them to the best of our abilities to get the most out of testing.

As for looking at maps, if you find yourself dying too much for your liking, then load up a map by yourself and inspect it alone. It might be a bit more boring, but 99% nothing's gonna kill you when you're alone. You can also look at the demos uploaded to the feedback site after a map is tested, which will let you see EVERYTHING that went down during that map test, and from any perspective. And you defiantly can't die as a Spectator.



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Dec 12, 2012
Not counting detail maps:
  • ctf_drainyard (Nov 2012) First map, pretty overscaled and was actually meant to be played for all gamemodes, first gamemode was ctf. It was fun to dick around in, but of course in terms of actual gameplay it sucked. I learned a lot just from this map alone about sightlines, class balance, gameplay situations, etc.
  • koth_passage (Feb 2013) a try at a koth gamemode, this map had some problems with sightlines, a lot of was really flat. However, the point design was kind of interesting.
  • cp_height (July 2013) 5cp map, was a personal favorite of mine. I remember I didn't submit this to an imp, but it was played during the time i was checking the server browser to see if any other map was named height. I was pretty astonished about that. This map was a real turning point for me as i took more time to plan out my gameplay spaces. A lot of the spaces felt more appropriate to that of what you'd see from an official map, with geometry resembling buildings, interior spaces, etc.
  • cp_rough (Jan 4, 2014) a try at a new gamemode, it was a 3cp symmetric map. Mid would lock when capped, and whoever capped mid had to cap the enemy's last before time was up. The other team had to defend until time was up to win. Interesting experience for creating a custom gamemode, nothing else about it.
  • cp_valedell (Jan 13, 2014) made SUPER fast, a 5cp map featuring a bridge with arches all through the map, nothing really interesting about this either, but i learned about areaportals and how important spawn timers are, also first map with deathpits.
  • koth_alex76_72 (Jan 19 2014) Literally just made after valedell, a 72hour contest entrant, pretty simple and nothing really major or interesting about it. This was the first gameplay map i've started detailing though, also learned about the 72hour contest experience. The previous maps actually seemed to help to make this.
  • koth_twister(?)(2014) also super fast, made in like a day. I made a functioning tornado and decided to implement it into a koth map. Was super fun to witness as it sucked up people from a long distance, learned a lot about logic, parenting, etc.
  • cp_convolve (Jun 2014) Another 72hour contest entrant. It was a 5cp map with small transistion areas, NEARLY got first place but turned out someone miscounted the votes for the map, ended up getting 3rd, being beaten by inari (amazing) and redplanet (also amazing). Later i put it up on a competitive pug map forum, and they tried it out and liked it. Sadly i never really felt much for this map, worked on it off and on a lot.
  • pl_gracehill (Jan 2015) ANOTHER 72hour contest entrant, my first payload map ever. Also got 3rd place for this contest. I gained a lot of experience about working with payload logic using ABS's pack. Was fun to play but i never got too much interest out of it either. I keep tinkering with this on and off. Some people are still expecting this to be updated eventually but idk.
  • arena_bryce (2015) quick small arena map, made with less than a 4096x4096 area, I made this because i thought bryce canyon looked cool and wanted to try an environment like that. TBH this map sucked, i forced myself to test it and i regret it.
  • cp_dirtybombripoff (May 2016) Inspired by a map in Dirty Bomb, I literally just made an area really quickly to show to a girl (i thought she liked me but we never hooked up :'((( ) I made the whole map into a 2cp a/d map gravelpit styled afterwards. Sady, this map was pretty overscaled and it was kinda flat, had a lot of problems so i quickly abandoned it (fuck chin).
  • cp_fieldworks (Nov 2016 - present) After playing A TON with 3cp a/d layouts in granary themed, i finally nailed something down i liked. Inspired by Dirty Bomb again for its progressive styled layout, last point, and spawns, this was a great turning point for me. It won first place in the asymmetric contest for "best in fun". To this day im still working on it, the first 2 points are completely done in terms of detailing, but im working on last atm.
Edit: As if that was a lot, I've probably planned out at least a hundred point designs and gameplay spaces. Most will never be seen, and that's ok. It's all about experience in learning what works and what doesn't. For me my skills went all over the place, the most important thing is your confidence and faith in mapping. Don't let others judge you, know you're something special for trying.
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Another Bad Pun

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Jan 15, 2011
I've made countless Portal maps, but my TF2 mapcount goes something like this:

ctf_rafts (2010 or something): Out of all of my attempts at TF2 mapping before 2011, this one is probably my favorite.

cp_gulch (February 2011): Attempted this map for the first asymmetric CP contest. I only finished a2 of the first stage before dropping out. This was mostly because I was too afraid to participate in any playtests. Owly thanked my resignation post, which I appreciate to this day.

ctf_breeze (July 2011): My only "finished" TF2 map, it's basically a simpler version of 2fort, made while listening to several Alison Krauss albums. Mid was received quite poorly, but Rexy encouraged me to keep working on my mapping.

At some point I made a Payload map for the Build-Around-The-Track contest, but I no longer have any evidence of its existence.

koth_numbers (July 2012): Made for the star_ highlander koth contest, the map was inspired by Cold War Number Stations, so the mid point was a big hydro dish, naturally. It was okay I guess. Very simple, just like my previous TF2 maps. At least I had fun on the TF2M Highlander Team! Melvineer recorded some gameplay of it, miraculously.

plr_dugout (January 2012): This was a PLR map I attempted for the dynamic PL/PLR contest. Didn't quite work out. This is the only screenshot I have left of it. (Which was also the thread screen.)

koth_amazing (July 2013): Over a year after I posted that I would be re-working koth_numbers, I finally delivered with koth_amazing. It only has slight similarities to Numbers, the main carry over being the linear, rectangular layout. I'll finish it someday, probably. Here's some gameplay footage.

cp_clover (January 2014): I made a spawn room and then got bored. It's too bad I don't have the drawing AyesDyef made me.

I'm skipping Doge 1, 2, and 3.

ctf_dauphin (August 2014/July 2016): I started this map in 2014, but didn't release it until 2016 due to medical complications. I'm hoping to finish it at some point, with the aid of many Frontline assets.

ctf_banja (July 2015): Just a week after a major surgery and still under the influence of heavy anesthetics, I decided to start mapping again! This time, my goal was to make a map layout using only prop fences. Did I mention that I was high as balls while making this map? Like, I designed the whole layout using only prop fences. Just ask Chin.

ctf_norfolks_bathroom (August 2016): Made for 7.2 hour contest I think. Norfolk helped me out by sending pictures of his bathroom. The result is a map centered around a giant pee filled toilet thing. It's pretty self explanatory.

And that's it! As you can see, even with 9 TF2 maps under my belt, I still have yet to achieve success. At least I have veteran status.
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Dec 27, 2012
I really want to list all the maps I've made, but in 2013 I believe someone counted 34 maps (this included different gamemodes though?) released by me (no doubt they missed one or two.. this significantly went down in 2014 to god-knows-how-many-less). I'm going to have a go at counting.

CP Deceit (2017)
MvM Echoe (2017)
Arena Mochville (2016)
PLR Skelter2 (2016)
PL Rebirth (2016)
CP/CTF Bio (2016)
PD Ascension (2016)
CP Amaranth Event (2015)
PL Tornadoom (2015)
CP Kombu (2015)
KoPL Highville (2015)
PL Genesis (2015)
CP Pudding (2015)
KotH Vanillands (2015)
KotH Skelter (2015?)
Arena Toastierroast (2015?)
KZ Callous2 (2015?)
PL Tornadoom (2015)
CP Martial (2015)
CP Ashworks (2015) -- made for TF2C, sadly never got a TF2 port because entities were buggered.
KotH Maple Ridge Event (2015)
Arena Ghostroast (2015?)
KotH Strate2 (2015?)
CP/KotH Redville (2014)
KotH Maple Ridge (2014)
CP Amaranth (2014)
CP Mudwater (2014)
MvM Callous (2014)
KotH Strate (2013?)
CP Berry 72 (2013)
KotH Polearbeam (2013)
CP Paramagnetic (2013)
Arena Toastroast (2013)
CP Baconmeadow (2013)
TD Rampant (2013)
TD Nightshade (2013)
MvM Cerulean (2013)
Itemtest Spytech (2012/3?)
KotH Mannharbour (2012/3?)
CP Lightflock 72 (2012/3?)
KotH Harbour (2011/2) -- looking back I'm pretty proud of how far I took this solely on bots (this was before I joined TF2M)

Random VMFs I found
MvM Alti2d (2016) - MvM map set on a giant plane or something
KR Boulderdash (2016) - Kart race. Pretty sure this was inspired by Mario Kart's Choco Mountain
CTF Rosecopse (2016) - Not sure why I stopped this. Think I hadn't got much time on my hands at that point, and just stopped working on it and it died.
KotH Festa (2016) - Same as above, I think. Pretty neat CP design actually.
CP Peen (2016) - Not really anything here, just impressed by my naming capabilities
PL Frightly (2016) - Pretty sad I never finished this. It was a PL map where half way through the map would turn completely upside down and you'd play on the other side of it.
KotF Squashvale (2015) - Not sure why I never tested it, seem to remember it being very small and boring so I never released it (fully functioning I think?)
Arena Gaypizzaorgy (2015?) - speaks for itself
MvM Harbourside (2012) - The MvM map that started me being here (never got an a1 done because mvm is not good for a first tested map)
MvM Dragonhouse (2012) - looks pretty cool, probably would've sucked to play on. gave up cause of issues I couldn't fix (it was nav, didnt know that at the time)

I know there's like 10~ maps I've missed from here so I'll probably update this as I remember them.

edit: please tell me if you notice any maps I've missed, I'd love to have a list of maps I've released
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Feb 8, 2017
MvM Tropics (2016) My very first map I started to work on. Started at around March 2016 and "finished" it at end last year. Currently reworking it to make it look more professional and less of a baby's first map.

MvM Doomrock (2016) Just a lazy Bigrock Halloween reskin. Not really happy about it. Was made out of pure boredom.

VSH_Chasm (2016-2017) Quick map I made. Never released it because it was an ugly map.

MvM Snowfall (2017) Made for the 72hour Winter Jam. Due time contraints, it's very unpolished. When finished with Tropics, am planning on reworking this map as well.

MvM Barren (2017) First map that I'm actually really proud of. Has some design flaws, though.

Out of those 5 maps, I wish I could undo Chasm and Doomrock, they're just lazy maps.


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Jul 10, 2015
I spent two years in complete silence creating random maps and scrapping them for pretty much any source game. Even then my first release was awful, played bad, looked bad and ran like bricks, crashed your game a few rounds in.

Second map came out good though, enough for me to keep updating it visually and it's layout for a year after it's released, it's aged well with some exceptions.


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May 20, 2017
I've went through 11 maps so far.

none of which are public.
Aug 30, 2015
Lemme have a think

KOTH skylight - patently broken
CTF skylight - very bad map, but does have exactly one thing I like
PL Whiteout - e n d m e
KOTH Thirst - scaled like an actual map in only the loosest of terms
Another map called KOTH Thirst - has a sightline that goes from one spawn to the other.
KOTH Fourth - very cramped map that, nonetheless, had a spawn, a yard, a transition, and a capture point
KOTH Horizon - unfinished... thing
CP Soma - Gorge style 2cp that I rebuilt three times and somehow got worse with every iteration
room2016_jones - I thought this was good anyway
PL Chimaera - A series of payload setpieces strung together as awkwardly as possible. Made for Asymmetry Two but never tested
Pass Deepkick, KOTH Iota, and KOTH Beef Bucket - trio of scrapped projects
Finale2017_beefbucket - I think this is good anyway

And finally, after two years and three existential crises, we have arrived at CP Badfish which is sort of OK


i made 3 maps. and they sadly all suck. i'm trying to improve two of them (btw i actually have 4 maps but that fourth one is basically the same map with an different gamemode)


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Jun 27, 2016
I think it really depends on what your background is near 3D level design. If you're starting with TF2 it might take a while before: you get comfortable thinking in 3D, you're able to eye the map scale quickly (even in hammer), you get down the flow of the tools, knowing what you find fun, understanding the balance of the game, etc.

That was the same with me, I learned most of my 3d modeling skills in solidworks for school clubs and even then its still a little weird at times.


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Feb 7, 2008
This isn't a comprehensive list of everything I've ever worked on, but it's probably pretty close. Unfinished .vmfs generally didn't make the cut, but I've included some that I spent a lot of time on. I'm missing earlier work because I don't have it anymore.
  • Sideways (2008): A CTF map where the gimmick was the map was sideways. The map was asymmetrical and barely navigable, I think there was only one small hallway between the two sides of the map.
  • Adrenaline (2008): I learned that objectives were too hard to make, so I made a deathmatch map. I don't remember much about this one.
  • Untitled (2008): An attack/defend map with three control points, like Mountain Lab before Mountain Lab. I was really ahead of my time.
  • I See You (2010): An oddly named Portal 1 map. All of the puzzles were based around flings because I couldn't figure out how to make buttons or doors work.
  • Married To Science (2011): Portal 2 map set in an underground theme. I built this as an art test.
  • Combustible Lemons (2011): Portal 2 map. There's two puzzles and they both suck.
  • Robot Pride (2011): A series of five Portal 2 Coop maps. There's a couple of decent puzzles, but the majority of it is weird and gimmicky and bad by my current standards. I planned a sequel of five more maps and never finished it.
  • Atkins (2012): My return to TF2 mapping as the final stage of a multi-stage CP map. Blue spawned too close to the first point and Red spawned too close to the final point. There was also too much height variation - A reoccurring theme in my work.
  • Magrahat Paschim (2012): A PLR map that was too small. People forgot to complain about the map during the fourth playtest, so I took that as a sign to start detailing it. Everyone hated the next version so I quit working on it.
  • Levitation (2012): A Portal 2 map where you can hold cubes in mid air by intersecting two excursion funnels, except you can't because Valve changed how they worked. You can't beat this map anymore. It looks okay and has a horrible framerate.
  • Marginal Error (2012): A Portal 2 map set in the underground with a new test element. The puzzles were oddly forced and not all that tightly designed, but there were some good intentions behind the design.
  • Caboose (2012): A reverse-CTF map where players deliver a neutral flag to the enemy base. The first version totally sucked, so I redid the whole thing and then it was okay. I almost detailed it, gave up, and then revived it multiple times later on but never finished it.
  • Quarry (2012): A KotH map with a decent layout that I feel like I stumbled into. It won a 72hr contest and then proceeded to do extremely average in the following major contest. My first finished TF2 map!
  • Aspen (2012): A KotH map I built to replace Quarry as my entry into the major contest. People told me to enter Quarry instead, which was a good idea. This map was decent, but Quarry was much better.
  • Tic Tac (2012): Dumb symmetrical 7 CP map where teams have to capture 3 points in a row to win the round, like tic tac toe but in a hexagon shape. I think this got tested for about 5 minutes.
  • Humbug (2012): Another attempt at attack/defend CP. This map wasn't great and I don't remember much about it except the time someone left "Attackers have defenders advantage do you even know how to make a map??" in feedback, which I will never forget.
  • Painforest (2012): Arena map set in the jungle. It played alright and I eventually gave it away as an artpass practice map in the map orphanage.
  • Perennial (2012): MvM map. Dropbox says I uploaded all the files needed to play the map but I'm not sure it was ever tested.
  • Underbid (2012): Collaboration between myself and Tarry H. Sruman. We each designed three points of a TC map. It got to a1 and then we abandoned it. I made a funny money texture for it. One of the points ended up being C for Ashpipe.
  • Conspiracy (2012): Portal 2 map set outdoors. Somehow placed in a contest despite not being very good. It's my most popular Workshop submission and I kinda wish it wasn't.
  • Flush (2012): A joke KotH map where you fight over a giant toilet. I did a decent job of building the toilet. The layout kind of sucks.
  • Juicewater (2012): A joke MvM map where you fight over a giant orange slice. I never released a playable version of this.
  • Mannhattan (2013): MvM map that didn't make it past a2. Valve stole the name and made a much better map with it.
  • Skybox (2013): Joke map where everyone can see each other through the walls. This one was pretty fun.
  • Idolon (2013): Joke map where you go off launch pads in a big lava chamber? This one sucked.
  • Ashpipe (2013): A CP map that had a decent layout that should've been detailed but I never did. I've tried several times but the layout doesn't lend itself well to being detailed or optimization.
  • Vestibule (2013): A Portal 2 map that's pretty good. I have some regrets about the puzzle design, but overall it's a solid map that I'm still pretty happy about.
  • ENIGMA (2013): A series of five abstract Portal 2 maps that didn't use the portal gun. All of them are novel, but only a few are actually good.
  • Centerplex (2013): An insta-gib map for HL2CTF. I only ever playtested this privately with a few friends. I probably only ever made one version. It was decent.
  • Detail 2013 (2013): Once again ahead of my time, making a destroyed temple with recolored Egypt assets. It won second place in the contest. This map was revived again later as Burma.
  • Shanty (2013): Attempt at reviving Caboose. It failed.
  • Burma (2013): I tried turning a detail map into an arena map. It failed.
  • Idolon 72 (2014): A map I made as a joke. There's an alligator on the ceiling in this one! Somehow a few people voted it.
  • Butterzone (2014): A PLR map that had a decent layout but fell to the same fate as Ashpipe: the layout didn't lend itself well to detailing, and optimization was a pain.
  • Byre (2014): An arena map with a smart take on a gamemode that plays pretty well and has terrible optimization.
  • Bunyan (2014): I tried to recapture the magic of 2 CP Arena and failed.
  • Aether (2014): Kart racing map set in the sky. I wanted to finish this one but it turns out karts are buggy and we stopped testing maps with them because they broke things.
  • 20 Brushes (2014): Two maps I made for a HL2DM contest where you had to make an entire map in 20 brushes or fewer. I never tested either one, but they're pretty.
  • Concentration (2014): Portal 2 art test. I still kinda want to do something with this, but the art style doesn't lend itself very well to being played. I made a few custom models and textures for this.
  • Incubator (2014): Grappling was the hot new thing, so I tried making a grapple map in a similar kin to jump or surf maps. It looked nice and I never finished it because playing it wasn't very fun.
  • Detail 2014 (2014): I put a lot of effort into making a really interconnected series of spaces and I detailed them decently, but ran out of time and ended up with one giant empty room and a couple of weird dead ends. I like this one mostly for the wood framing work outside the buildings and in the mines (i.e. the stuff I actually finished).
  • Mainz (2015): Unfinished detailing pass of a map for the 2 Skillsets contest. I only ever finished like 30% of the map. It looked alright and inspired the original author to redo the original map in a medieval theme.
  • Underway (2015): Deathmatch map for TF2C back when it was the cool new thing. It looked nice, but I never played it and never updated it. I think I gave the .vmf to someone more interested in making maps for the game.
  • Mom (2015): Legendary 72hr map. It has massive issues but was also an achievement in itself for working at all, so I'm proud of it. Never getting finished.
  • Comrade (2015): Attempted collaboration between myself and Seba that never got released. This was meant to be an entry to the MvA contest. It was based on Trotim's "Scramble" gamemode and I consider it a bit of a precursor to Idomay.
  • Dross (2015): I always wanted to make a competitive map, so I tried. This got to a1 before I gave up. I tried to make a KotH map out of mid but then I realized I don't like KotH very much anymore.
  • Dixie (2015): Payload map that seems to play well sometimes?? Still a work in progress.
  • Ausechid (2015): Attempted collaboration between myself, Aui, Seba, and Chin. It didn't go anywhere. Screenshot is of the part I made.
  • Shaftworks (2016): Jump map where you're forced to play scout and do precise jumping puzzles. At least it looks nice.
  • Idomay (2016): My attempt at making a new competitive gamemode. I never showed this to the competitive world because my initial take on it didn't really work and I never finished the next version. I kinda want to revisit this at some point, but I haven't found the time for it.
  • Gulch (2016): 7.2 hour contest detailing entry. The displacement work is pretty wonky in places but overall I'm happy with it and I've been trying to integrate detail ideas from this into other maps ever since. Won first place in detailing.
  • Intel room Detail (2016): Detailing entry. This one turned out pretty nice, though it didn't do very well in the contest.
  • Roma (2016): Attack/defend CP set in Roman ruins for Frontline. This map had some cool ideas but I never got it to a playable state.
  • Overgrown (2016): I took Crash's .vmf and mangled it a bunch. I mangled it too much and gave up. I think Crash and Pear salvaged a bit of what I did and put it in the current map but it isn't much. I kinda want to take the new A point I made and put it in another map, but it hasn't found a home yet.
  • Extol (2016): I helped Yrrzy work through a mapping block by taking her .vmf and mangling it a bunch. I gave it back and she mangled it a bunch too. Now there's a train in the map.
  • Idolon Excellent Game (2017): Work in Progress Portal 2 mod I'm making as an outlet to make puzzles. So far it's at about five or six chambers but I'm probably scrapping some, if not most.
  • Lovely (2017): Adopted KotH map from Ibex. A work in progress. Most of my work has been turning Ibex's brushwork into something more detailable. Currently I'm trying to make the map play better.
  • Cluster (2017): Abstract jump map for HL2, made for RunThinkShootLive's MinimalismVille. It didn't play super great but it looked nice and I had fun making it.
  • Accumulator (2017): First typical HL2 map that I finished, made for RunThinkShootLive's BridgeVille. It has some gameplay issues and I didn't get to detail it fully, but overall I think it's one of my better mapping achievements. I taught myself a lot of new skills and made a solid 15-30 minutes (depending on player) of gameplay in about 20 days. People seem to like it.
  • Kaboom (2017): Map made for RunThinkShootLive's CromulentVille. You shoot things with a rocket launcher. The design and detailing of this one turned out pretty well.
  • Double or Nothing (2017): Portal 2 coop map I designed in a day and mapped in three. I'm actually kind of happy with this one, but I've also gotten hardly any feedback on it, so maybe it totally sucks?
  • Ido (2017): Current project. MvM contest entry.
  • Alive & Kicking (2015-2017): Portal 2 mod, still a work in progress. I have no idea how many maps I've actually made for this but it's a lot.
After all that, I currently have three maps on my portfolio. I should update it to include a fourth, but still: Most of these aren't my best work.


Feb 5, 2016
I've got like 3 or 4 on the site? Also got numerous of others laying around my vmf folder.