Attempting to Port Things from Wii to Source Engine/Hammer

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    TLDR: I'm making a map of colony 9 from Xenoblade and don't know how to compile .smd files or retexture world geometry in blender.

    Recently I took up a new mapping project for myself, it will be colony 9 from Xenoblade Chronicles (my favorite game of all time) and in doing so I have had to port a lot of stuff from the game files (this is for the Wii version btw). I made a dump of the game file using my disk, then extracted the archives with dolphin emu. I found the map files located in the archives, unpacked them with QuickBMS, and converted the file type to .map. These however, are not compatible if you load them up in hammer immediately so I then converted the map to .smd and pretty much hit a wall. I attempted to compile the .smd file with a qc script and failed, then tried opening the file in blender, except I suck at blender and struggled with retexturing all the world geometry. So now I'm in this position now, I'm attempting to contact some other people who have ported things to source in the past to get help, but I also wanted to check here if anybody has attempted this before or can help with compiling .smd files.

    Stuff I have ported so far:
    -All character models and animations
    -All models from cutscenes
    -Map files for Colony 9 and Tephra Cave
    -All Colony 9 textures as .png files