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  1. KKBig

    koth_moonbase_a5 A5b

    added a cool little mechanic :)
  2. SuperLuxDeluxe

    KotH and Ball Torture a1d

    Welcome to KotH and Ball Torture! An experimental combination of King of the Hill and Passtime made for the April Fool's 2022 game day. The gamemode works just like KotH, except you have to score with the Passtime JACK in order to cap the point. The JACK spawns initially to the side of mid...
  3. KKBig

    koth_boredmapmaking_a1 A1

    im so BORED. so bored made a map smh.
  4. Kunny

    Lahar a1

    Another volcano themed map
  5. zythe_

    skorpion a2

    its called skorpion because its shaped like a scarab
  6. P-4rio

    Koth_Underwear a5

    My first actual KOTH map that I'm happy with. Also death pits. Why? Because It's my map and I like death pits :)
  7. Toco_

    koth_rural b3a

    Countryside themed koth map with 6s in mind, also my first map Credits: credit to bakscratch for industrial doors credit to ravidge for handrails credit to b!scuit for no-build signs credit to MaccyF for blue wheelbarrow and 128x128x256 shipping containers credit to Void for Dusk till Dawn...
  8. Toco_

    koth_tocotowers_a1 1

    This is my first map, I feel fairly confident in the layout but there's still definitely places that feel empty that I'm gonna be filling out in future versions, it's just a1 afterall.
  9. Zeropalooba

    Staten Island v7

    A symmetrical Ultiduo map inspired by koth_highpass, and also Baloo. For the aesthetic, I went for a style similar to mvm_manhattan. Tell me what you think as well as any bugs, although this map has been playtested, so there (in theory) shouldn't be any!
  10. bowacunga

    KOTH_Itemtest :) 2022-02-21

    here's something disgusting i threw together in 2 days (baby's first koth map) i'm too lazy to create a proper navmesh so i didnt get to actually playtest it. but they have a server for that, right? anyway, enjoy or dont
  11. nonozone

    talltown a12a

    My first attempt at creating a playable/ working tf2 map.
  12. FlyingEngineer

    Gravel Creek A5

    Gravel Creek is a facility that mines gravel. It is made in a canyon that once was Gravel Creek, until the Creek was rerouted into another river. It is a KOTH map.
  13. zythe_

    shorelight rc6

    What says Summer fun and sunshine quite like warfare and lead filled shores! Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, Shorelight promises to deliver the most thrilling and action-packed gameplay. Unlike other KOTH maps, this one is all about fun and games. Don't worry about the...
  14. Twizzylb

    koth_REDvBLU 2022-01-29

    Hey this is my first tf2 map i’ve made and it took me like 4 days to make and since i have a tight schedule i wasn’t fancy with the map just red and blu fight.
  15. kalzonkly

    heratio a2

    Features a close-quarters silo for extreme high ground over the point. Risky flank route over a pit.
  16. TheWither031

    Crosscut a2

    Welcome to crosscut, a small koth map with an interesting gimmick - two decently sized sightlines straight across the control point. Hopefully this emulates the openness of harvest's point while also not becoming a sniper haven. DISCLAIMER: PICTURES TAKEN DURING A1A
  17. Conga Lyne

    Medieval PittsBurg 2022-01-23

    Created for 24Hr Microcontest 20: Static Spawns https://tf2maps.net/threads/microcontest-20-static-spawns.45807/ This is a Medieval mode map where the control point is situated in a pit. Not really much more I can say than that. Overhangs & stairs in spawn are invisible brushes to guarantee...
  18. Tiftid

    koth_tiftidtown _a2

    For microcontest 19, me and zythe each made one half of a koth map, each unaware of the other's progress. Out of the two of us, I definitely made the less sane half. Please try to enjoy it.
  19. Arus

    Basic B1

    Basic is a King of the Hill map designed for 24 players. It features two enclosed bases (for each team), a large open area, featuring a prominent hill, and an underground cave area. The map is mostly brushes, and admittedly not VALVe-level work, but it's a dev's first proper map, give him some...
  20. pogviuemper

    Multi Stage Radio Indev6

    This is the first map out of my experimental layouts series. In these maps I'm going to try different and crazy concepts to see how they work. The idea behind Radio is very simple: it's small. In this map I try to make an arena-sized KotH work. And as of July 7th 2022 patch, this map is also...