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  1. βauθ'o

    King of the Hill Quarrypath V2

    RED and BLU learn of the mineral riches of the quarry and try to start up mining operations, but they meet the other team in the same quarry. So what do they do? they fight over the quarry of course! Quarrypath is a work in progress king of the hill map of mine, ive basically added all the...
  2. Poprocker_

    koth_dusttown a3

    A very work in progress map. Any critique would be appreciated.
  3. Francis_A2x

    koth_backalley_b2a b3

    A koth map took place in urban alleyways, this is an updated version of koth_backalley_beta1d - removed rooftop areas - added 2nd floor interior with open windows - more cool props and alleyways please send me feedback after playtesting the map
  4. Zerro

    Minehill a16

    Minehill is a snowy map set high in mountains that was used as a mining facility . As a result of the mining company going bankrupt it was abandoned . Soon the lower parts of the mine became flooded which created the acid lake that now lies at the bottom of the valley.
  5. autumn_zephyrs

    zz_*_koth_timer entity I/Os

    I'm making a map in which I want to be able to speed up the koth countdown timer if a team has achieved a certain goal. I can't find any information about the required entities here though: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Tf_logic_koth If anyone has any info about these entities it'd...
  6. Francis_A2x

    koth_backalley_beta1d 1

    a tf2 map took place in the alleyway, RED area is an alleyway took place in Little italy area and BLU area is an office building backyard and both teams must capture the storage and garage took place between both alleyways. This map is still going to be playtested, once playtested and reviewed...
  7. Little Skull Kid

    Courtyard 1.1

    Battle it out at late night in the inner courtyard of these two factories to control this rather important (trust me) satellite dish! A mirrored King of the Hill map, rather straightforward and small in length, but with lots of flank routes and industrial-sized vertical height. My first map...
  8. TurquoiseLeaf

    Trainpass a1

    Standard koth map where the point is on the side.
  9. Error_Code_864G

    koth_woodlandvalley d4

    I tried to make this maps layout better than my last map...
  10. Dr. Terror

    koth_secretstash 2022-12-21

    My first TF2 map, made over the span of about two days. Probably very bad (as most peoples first projects are) but I think it could be fun regardless :) Small map, probably best played with around 6 people on each team, but with enough spawns set for 32 people if you're crazy.
  11. Error_Code_864G

    Missile b7

    this is my first map I have no idea what I am doing help
  12. The Real J

    koth_blank 2.0

    -- If you find any bugs or errors, leave us a comment! -- koth_blank my first map baby FULL v2.0: - New locations. -------------------------- BETA v1.0: - Added an easter egg room. -------------------------- BETA v0.8: - New shortcut on the spawns. -------------------------- BETA v0.3: -...
  13. Cef 919

    boat battle v1

    u cant drive the boat sadly but you do koth stuff i guess
  14. Francis_A2x

    koth_datahall_beta1 1

    this map is a King Of The Hill map took place inside a big computer server room in an office. playtest it and give me a feedback and i'll fix it after that i will decorate and polish the map.
  15. Cef 919

    Erge 3

    erge (and i made this map)
  16. Brushwagg Connoisseur

    koth_shipping_a4 a4

    An unfinished map set in a shipping yard. mostly walled off from outside of map details for testing.
  17. teteguy

    Estacio a1

    My first map. There is a train track on the side. The train's direction depends on who currently has the point.
  18. squeezit

    koth_2connect a2

    KOTH map made for the TFConnect contest. I only got to start it on December 2nd due to a family emergency, but I still wanted to try making something. Its probably lacking in the originality department, though i did what i could in such a small crunch of time. Not too experienced with mirrored...
  19. Mr. Walker

    Koth_Station A1

    Hello, this is my *real* attempt at an original map now, I've had many ideas 2 years before this but were scrapped because I was too lazy to learn by that point. This map is located at a Power Station / Plant, with red and blu team very closed-in onto one another as the fight for control never...
  20. FPeely

    koth_tallbridge Alpha 2.01

    The first map I have ever made in hammer. On the lookout for feedback, will continue developing the map.