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  1. Jean

    gator_pit a5a

    Blue and Red fight in the reptile area in a zoo
  2. Katami

    Wharfside a9

    My First Map.
  3. ProCopperTail

    Centrifuge v2beta

    Work in progress. Capture the shed in the middle.
  4. BogiFan

    Medieval Koth_Haggis_Bridge A9

    Koth_Haggis_Bridge is a simple King of the Hill map based on medieval mode which takes place on a bridge!
  5. Top sporing fungi

    MK_test base map 1.0.0

    If u use this, please Credit Sloppyslime (My actual name) instead of whatever my steam profile's name is. I made this using vscript and the karts from the halloween map. I still intend on making maps but I am not the best builder so I let you guys do the work quicker There's leftover code for...
  6. MrSkyBlue1020

    Dysjunctional a1

    Contains: Water Train Cap point Potentially some sacrifices to the Train God Dev textures
  7. justin_ (f2p) (real)

    koth_randoblu a7a

    my first map ever, expect it to be very crappy, feedback will surely help also if you downloaded any version below version a3a2 again then you are actually downloading a1
  8. CriticalFeesh

    koth_strut_a1 a1

    A work in progress map in a warehouse/factory setting (for now it is just dev textures). I do apologize if this map is bad, for it is my very first.
  9. Hungarian Gigachad

    koth_lowbridge_dev a1

    Koth_lowbridge_dev is a dev textured small koth map, with a bridge in the center. thats it basically.
  10. .Merlin.

    Rolling Harbor a4b

    Rolling harbor is an symmetrical king of the hill based map where both teams fight for their cargo in the middle of the map, when the hill is captured the corresponding teams train will move up for added cover. This is the first time i have ever made a map for an source game now appreciate the...
  11. AndroKing

    Boxfactory 2.01

    One of the first hammer projects and my first actually playable map. Feel free to give feedback.
  12. DragoDuck

    koth_towerofbabel B3

    In the middle of nowhere, underneath the soil, lied a secret base from companies RED and BLU, this base hasnt seen much activity recently, it was almost abandoned. One day, a hellish tower started rising from below the base, taking it all the way to the skies. This hellish tower corrupted and...
  13. Jameson

    Jameson_mc24 a1

    Made a king of the hill map with the point on the low ground. It was an interesting challenge and took some inspiration from bagel, synthetic and viaduct on this one. Wasn't sure what "Map is inside out" meant. So I've made an inside out nipple point if that counts. You can even do a lift...
  14. Kid named Finger:

    Koth_Nastari V1.0

    I made this map trying to do it in a Brazilian house style, if there is something wrong with the map or something that needs to be improved leave a feedback. eu fiz esse mapa tentando fazer em um estilo de casas brasileiras,se estiver alguma coisa de errado com o mapa ou algo que necessita ser...
  15. L

    Kliffside alpha1

  16. BiiigSip

    Koth_Barn_Storm_tf2c 1

    A Team Fortress 2 Classic Version of Koth_Barn_Storm
  17. Ponds34

    koth_badwater_a1 A1

  18. Catastrophic

    How do I make my map feel less empty?

    It's my first time making a map, it's a KOTH map and it's a flat square map and has two sniper towers, a small platform to the control point, and the two bases in opposite corners. It has a mix of regular and dev textures but I plan on changing that. Anything else I need to add or change? Also...
  19. Brokkhouse

    Rotunda a7a

    Hi! I present Rotunda, a King of the Hill map set in an abandoned steam engine workshop. This map is directly based on the mapping technique developed by Kungfusquirrel for koth_roundhouse. It has been made with a very large number of instances and a lot of trial and error. Currently features...
  20. Katsu! :3

    Standin (KOTH) _a2b

    I got inspired to create this today from a conversation that spurred up about Standin. This is my first mapping project that's actually gotten to a playable state, so I hope you can enjoy it for what it is. I'm well-aware that this is a rather small layout for what's supposed to be a KOTH map...