koth map

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  1. GreenyDTH

    MountainTop_Blast A4

    Your goal is to capture the point inside the big building in the center of the map. But be careful, cause any wrong move outside could lead you to a nasty fall to your death. My first KOTH map, and map in general. The map's layout is loosely inspired by Offblast, one of my favorite arena maps.
  2. BiiigSip

    koth_draw_bridge_A1 2019-08-05

  3. Izzy

    KOTH_Splashpoint A2

    I've been learning and making my own maps for a few weeks now and this one Is the one I feel should be my first to be uploaded. Red and Blu fight over an abandoned water treatment plant with a deadly pit under the point, It has plenty of different paths to and from the control point with many...
  4. Izzy

    KotH KOTH_Splashpoint

    KOTH_Splashpoint - koth I've been learning and making my own maps for a few weeks now and this one Is the one I feel should be my first to be uploaded. Set in a construction yard Red and Blu fight over this oddly shaped control point with a small deadly pit under the point, It has plenty of...
  5. spetz

    Granite Alpha V2

    GRANITE koth_granite is my first ever proper map I've made in hammer. I wanted my first map to be very basic using the viaduct formula crash talks about in his hammer tutorials. I chose to set the map at night time as it seems not many maps in the casual pool are set in the evening and I...
  6. MapperMan

    KOTH Junkyard 2019-07-17

    This map is supposed to be a junkyard, with trash and other items scattered around the map. The map itself is fairly small, or rather, the playable space. There is a kind of background, in the form of rocks and a train track here or there.
  7. tempomancy

    koth_overpass a1_fix

    first map. rotationally symmetric koth map. night time theme, based on an overpass. consists of a central bridge with stairs leading up to it, a bottom drainage path, and 2 platforms on each side. some sections are still empty, not sure what to do with those yet. i'm thinking another small...
  8. Perry

    Barnyard RC4

    It's the last fight of the day, the Mercs' just want to get it done, and over with so they can get their pay checks, and go home. Being centerd around a fake milk farm, and a very real corn feild, set at a late/ early evening, I personally feel like I gave this map a very unique feeling than any...
  9. Gzillion

    Trainalley A2

    KOTH_TrainAlley is a map set in an urban alley with a train line going through it.
  10. Scouter Egg

    Medieval Shalewood A6

    A map I made in october and was extremely hesitant to release for some reason.
  11. super pigeon

    PeacefulParks_A2 2018-11-09

    V2 of my map... it's still not good but this is my first map so what do i know
  12. Billo

    SharkBay RC2

    SharkBay Is a king of the hill map set on a port. There is an accessible ship to the port that has a full health pack inside and can be used for flanking. the map is mirrored. meaning that both sides are the same like as if you were looking in a mirror. In the Future the map Will feature some...
  13. Dr. Bum |SCG|

    standpipe a4

    After a very long time, I've finally decided to upload a new map. My old maps are pretty much beyond saving since I was really new to hammer and TF2 mapping when I made them. Hopefully, this one not so much. I can tell there will be some problems with this map, but don't all a1's? I just hope...
  14. Jackhammer881

    koth_sewageplant A2

    Sewageplant is a small koth map,it is based in a sewage treatment plant. It features explosive barrels of toxic waste, water tunnels and gameplay at varying heights. This map was made in 72 hours as an entry into the 2018 TF2 Summer Jam. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhS9FdzXAQM
  15. K

    koth_battlebowl A1.1

    A KOTH map, where the point is floating above a bowl made of dirt. This is my first attempt at a TF2 map, so feedback is appreciated!
  16. • Mr. ‘Top Hat’ Bones •

    Koth_industria A1

    My Second map made for the 72 hour jam. Heres an some Images of the map.
  17. Waugh101

    Cement A7

    Cement is a King of the Hill map centered around a concrete manufacturing plant. An overview of the map In-Game: The Control Point: Spawn Court Yard: This is the first map I've uploaded to TF2Maps.net, so please let me know if I missed something when uploading and didn't notice. Since...
  18. Cincomma

    Flurry RC5

    Flurry is a KotH map made for the Connect 5 mapping contest. It has snow, water, trains, birds... Basically any average KotH map. But unlike any other KotH map, Flurry has an enormous flank route straight past mid for a sneaky scout or spy to slip past, as well as a train that runs through mid...
  19. Love-Inducing Festive Bug

    koth_crossunder a3

    Jank, check. Emptiness, check. Fun or interesting? to be determined. A fairly simple koth map, with the control point situated in an oben basement. The idea is that capping the point and controlling the bottom area relies on controlling the top area first. But is that really how it plays out...
  20. AlphaOwl

    Issue with .bsp file [SOLVED]

    Hi there. So I've been working on this map, and decided to give it a compile. However, it appears that during compilation, it runs into a command that has "the system cannot find the file specified.", so I looked around and found that my map file didn't appear in my tf/maps folder. I was gonna...