koth map

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  1. CopMCcopper

    Spiral a7

  2. Ivan's Cheat Engine

    teren a1

    Teren is something Ive created while my intenten was down.
  3. Nicer Mc Good

    koth_eggwall koth_egg_2a3.

    it's a simple Koth map
  4. Nicer Mc Good

    Can you make a KOTH point.

    I dont know what went wrong?
  5. E

    Ruckenschutz A1

    Ruckenschutz (German for Backline) is a King of The Hill map I map back in 2019 for me and my friends to play, I forgot about it during the A1 stage for a while as I started making my own game. Then a couple of months ago I learnt about the Frontline community update and decided I wanted to...
  6. nettmaza

    BigHouse (SCRAPPED) 2021-04-28

    koth_bighouse (SCRAPPED) is a mirrored koth map. This is my first map ever posted here and is my first working map.
  7. Headit

    koth_skytop A2

    Okay so I don't really know what to put here cuz this map could be a numerous of things it could be a top buildings It could be by the dock it could be a lot of things
  8. F

    koth_turn_a2 bug fix

    A map with one twist, literally
  9. Rocketboi

    Koth_call_in A2

    A 2nd upload of the map of today but it's a king of the hill map.
  10. Anariin

    koth_mall v1

    Made for the 2020 72 hour jam. Mappers: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Punapple/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/Niirana/ Graphic Designer: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ihatesteamlogin/ @ ͜ @
  11. 0100

    Minehills B2

    Once working coal mine is now running out of coal. It's your job to take it all.
  12. [LV] Bill Nye

    koth_Vickers_A1 2020-07-26

    3rd Map attempt after making a break. Also working on re-vamping the gameplay for the map for version A2 of it so that it wouldn't feel flat. Update for A2 version: Will be avaible to playtest soon, took a break too and looking forward to continue development. 09.10.2020
  13. Izzy

    KOTH_Boulder_Ball A1

    Boulder Ball is a small close quarters map that favors towards classes with mobility. The map's main feature is a moving cage in the middle that acts as an obstruction and a platform that can obstruct view of the point while making the area more tight and close quarters. BB is a beginners new...
  14. Poiskaïoshin

    green_canyon B1

    My very first map !
  15. Über 1

    Giant 2020-06-20

    Welcome to the war! Start the battle for the center and cargo of the huge Zeppelin "Giant". This is my first experience in creating maps, so please do not judge me too much and report any errors you notice. I am particularly grateful to UEAK Crash and Team Frontline because they inspired me to...
  16. crytoz

    Koth Carnage A3

    My first map! Formulated from a basic Lightshot sketch into a fully functioning map! Custom textures, detailed lighting and most importantly some awesome ramps for those epic cross map surfs! Positive and negative criticism is appreciated : ) ) D E M O S K Y B O X Special thanks to Void for...
  17. JaNNN

    Revolution (working title) v1

    Apart from the working title, this map is essentially complete. It's a basic koth map surrounded by a canyon. Be sure to give feedback so I can improve on it in the future. Thanks and enjoy the map!
  18. Shockk

    The Pillar Arc V2 2.1

    My first map ever! I'm pretty proud of it. Very early version but (as far as I know) 100% playable.
  19. Goat

    Outpost 2019-11-19

    My first attempt at a TF2 map. This is an early version and I'm open to any criticism, please leave any suggestions if you can.
  20. Toxic Coffee

    Highmoat a2

    My first koth map concept. Fight with your allies along the bridge of a high passage, look out for the depths below you, as they may seem treacherous...