koth_trashhaven_a3 A3

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koth_trashhaven_a3 A3

My first map, very basic KOTH map.

My very first map, just a basic KOTH map, still trying to learn scale, distances, cover and sightlines.

It's called "trash haven" because I want this to be a scrapyard of some kind, once I start decorating.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

Latest updates

  1. koth_trashhaven_a3

    koth_trashhaven_a3 changes: - Closed gap on doors to sniper deck. - Moved player spawns to encourage other spawn doors exits. - Moved right spawn door closer to alternative routes. - Added one-way windows for spawn. - Changed upper spawn exit...
  2. Some changes I forgot.

    - Added func_respawnroomvisualizers. - Added sniper van to sniper deck (subtle hint). - Added navigation signs. - Fixed spawn door window transparency orientation. - Fixed some texture errors. - Fixed health and ammo patches not showing. - Fixed...
  3. koth_trashhaven_a2

    Just some small changes to the map: - Raised the height of the capture point. - Changed capture point cover. - Lowered cap time to 4 seconds. - Removed awkward tunnel to sniper deck. - Replaced fences at sniper-deck with walls for better counter...