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Ruckenschutz A1

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Ruckenschutz A1

The Backline

Ruckenschutz (German for Backline) is a King of The Hill map I map back in 2019 for me and my friends to play, I forgot about it during the A1 stage for a while as I started making my own game. Then a couple of months ago I learnt about the Frontline community update and decided I wanted to help. So here is my Frontline King of the Hill map based on Japan's and America's fight over the pacific ocean.

(Please note: Not all of the lighting has been added as I plan to take a lot of time on this map)

The Story behind the map for TF2:
While's Red and Blu's fight on the Frontline has come to a stalemate, The Builders League United plans to capture the Naval Airbase in the back lines territory to send a shocking blow to Reds supply chain. Aware of Blu's plans The Reliable Excavation Demolition Team sets out to capture the base before Blu can.
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