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  1. dala

    72hr Jam 2022 dalaHUD (not finished) 2016-07-26
  2. dala

    72hr Jam 2022 dalahud (not finished) 2016-07-24

    A custom hud I made for the 72hr jam, I've never made a hud before so I spent a lot of the time learning, sadly I'm gonna be to busy to work on it any longer and am gonna be submitting it unfinished, but will definitely will be updating it once I have more time as it was very fun to make and...
  3. 14bit

    Terminal B1a

    In an effort to finally finish the great moon lumber war of 20XX (see plr_orbit), RED decided to build their own space base as a forward command in the battle, as sending endless waves of bombs to destroy BLU’s equivalent bombs wasn’t working (see plr_orbit). With this, RED hoped to finally...
  4. RodionJenga

    How to customize a Hud for a hybrid gamemode

    So I'm making a CTF map that involves capping a control point to open a path to the intelligence (ctf_penthouse). Anyway, one of the confusing parts of the map for a while was to get the CTF and CP elements to both show up on the HUD, but I eventually, with a tf_logic_hybrid_ctf_cp entity...