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72hr dalahud (not finished) 2016-07-24

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72hr dalahud (not finished) 2016-07-24

custom hud

A custom hud I made for the 72hr jam, I've never made a hud before so I spent a lot of the time learning, sadly I'm gonna be to busy to work on it any longer and am gonna be submitting it unfinished, but will definitely will be updating it once I have more time as it was very fun to make and it's very nice to have a hud where everything is how you like it.

pictures so far -

huge thanks to rays and flame for their amazing guides on making huds, i recommend anyone interested in making one looks at their guides, they don't cover everything but once you get a basic idea of how huds work figuring things out on your own becomes very easy


also PL is really broken cause I focused mostly on CP so ya, I wouldn't recommend anyone downloads untill I update the hud, feedback is very appreciated cheers again.
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