Payload progress HUD not working

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Dec 15, 2021
This is my first map so expect lots of errors. I am nearing the end of making my map in the least playable as full payload map however I cannot get the payload progress hud to work. At first it only allowed me to go to the first checkpoint and then the game was won for blu. I thought I solved it when i gave each capture point a seperate index, this did not work. I then gave each one a different printname, this did not work. Following this I thought I found the error in that each capture points associated path_track was linked to cp_one changed them to be associated to their own capture points still nothing. I've looked for hours on how to fix this and nothing. I'll be sleeping on this and leaving the VMF file with this post. FYI all the logic is on the left side of the map behind the top rock cliff against a dividing wall.


  • payload_map.vmf
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Sep 29, 2018
try using a prefab of premade logic - pl logic is complicated and trying to do it yourself as a first timer is a big task!

abs's ultimate mapping resource pack provides prefabs for pretty much every standard tf2 gamemode, and theyre really easy to implement and work with.