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  1. Sonoma

    Quarry Town a3

    This is a uniquely themed arena map set in a quarry made to look like Beta Ravenholm This is a collaboration with @Phe
  2. MilkMaster

    Vessel A2

    Vessel is an arena map set in the arctic, where RED and BLU fight for the Chlorealis, a forgotten research vessel containing rogue teleportation technology. Boat model from the Watergate Content Pack Skybox Texture from the Snowycoast Asset Pack Teleportation sounds from Half-Life: Alyx...
  3. Sage J. Fox

    Half-Life 2 Themed Pack v1

    It seems that somewhere between the Badlands and City 17, there was a bit of a teleporter mixup! The zip file contains a vpk file for your custom folder that includes normal and Halloween replacements for the small healthkit. Yes, just the small sadly, wanted to make more for the Jam but real...
  4. Code Orange

    New Mexico B2

    My first attempt at map making, i themed it around my favorite parts of my favorite valve games: Half-Life and (of course) TF2
  5. Alaxe

    72hr Cremation Sensation 2017-02-12

    So, you're here for that job opening for janitor, right? Here at City 17, we value all workers and think you will get great experience by working for us! You'll be cleaning up all sorts of things! Litter, overgrown plants, crumbs, ᶜᵒʳᵖˢᵉˢ, paper, cans, bottles, and other stuff! So head on down...
  6. »FF« Wanderer | Engie

    Help! "The Command Buffer Overflow" problem

    Hello Everyone! Im currently working on a Half Life 2 Source mod wich heavily relies on the "point_clientcommand" entity. It uses this entity almost every second, maybe even more frequently (its depends on the math_counter and the game_ui) Now, my problem is that whenever i load a map from my...
  7. Pioneer_Reisha

    black_mesa B5

    This is based off the lobby of Black Mesa in the game Half Life 1. Many of the textures I had to make myself by taking screenshots of the game and editing them so they could be used. It was very tedious indeed. However, I am glad that I got the textures so it can look like the actual location...