72hr Cremation Sensation 2017-02-12

Replaces the 'Mair Mask' with the Cremator's head from Half Life

  1. Alaxe
    So, you're here for that job opening for janitor, right? Here at City 17, we value all workers and think you will get great experience by working for us!

    You'll be cleaning up all sorts of things! Litter, overgrown plants, crumbs, ᶜᵒʳᵖˢᵉˢ, paper, cans, bottles, and other stuff!

    So head on down to the factory to get a custom fit head just for you by the kids and we'll set you up with an immolator and getcha right out there!

    This mod includes:

    Custom model
    Custom textures


    Even works pretty okay with cosmetics, I'd say

    And lines up with killstreak eyes and such