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Vessel A2

Fight for the forgotten research vessel.

Vessel is an arena map set in the arctic, where RED and BLU fight for the Chlorealis, a forgotten research vessel containing rogue teleportation technology.

Boat model from the Watergate Content Pack
Skybox Texture from the Snowycoast Asset Pack
Teleportation sounds from Half-Life: Alyx
Original Portal Sprite from Half-Life: Source

This map is inspired from what Half-Life 2: Episode Three's story was going to be, seen here. I plan to update this map to fix issues.
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Questionable Ethics

    This update seeks to improve the size of the map and to make it more easier to play, and sets up for more detailing in the future. New teleportation effect on the Chlorealis to alert players Stairs added to the pit to allow classes to get back...

Latest reviews

Taking the 3 star back, because the map has had a lot of improvement! Now that I can see the room behind the boat and can leave the pit as a heavy, I'm starting to really grow on this map (and this is from someone who really dislikes Arena). The one thing I will say is that it feels a little small, and some areas feel really cramped, to the point I somewhat struggle to make my way through them (I.e. the room right outside of spawn). Beyond this, I feel you really hit the nail on the head (However, it does need playtesting. Take this all with a grain of salt until a demo or playtest is left), and really have faith in this map. Also love the half life effects for the boat spawning ^^