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Barrage a6

A small and aggressive KOTH map set inside a Dam.


a small koth map that encourages aggressive play.

Set inside a massive dam, the map is split by a canal of flowing water, which terminates in a great drop. The intent behind the map was to explore verticality, i.e., height advantages, and to develop map-making skills.

To do:
- Make the water flow
- Ensure it's fun
- soundscapes
- tweak the skill jump for the rear sniper perch (only accessible by jumping classes and scout)
- move on to art passes when applicable

Things I'm worried about:
- Overpowered Soldier and Demo play
- Snipers
- Pyro afterburn being nerfed by the canal
- pickup placement and relevance

Let me know what you all think!View attachment 160723 View attachment 160724 View attachment 160723 View attachment 160724 View attachment 160725 View attachment 160726 View attachment 160727 View attachment 160728
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First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Barrage

    a6 Changelog: Pretty hefty update; - Shrunk the map overall, making it more in line with other maps. - closed the sewer route leading from one spawn to the other - added a high route leading to near the point - added ramps to the central point...
  2. Barrage

    Minor tweak to get it working for IMPs. A mistake on my part.
  3. Barrage

    minor texture tweak