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  1. mickeymick

    Map is fullbright using extra parameters

    Help! my map is on fullbright when I try to use -staticproppolys -textureshadows and -staticproplighting within light.exe in hammer editor. I've managed to get lighting without the extra parameters but with them no luck. There is no leaks and no errors that I know of, help is much appreciated...
  2. pogviuemper

    Map is in fullbright mode because of HDR.

    At some wacky random point in time, my map went fullbright, and it's because HDR is enabled for compiling. I always enable HDR when I compile my maps, and I've never seen this issue. I already searched for that problem on the internet and I'm going to say that: I have HDR enabled properly, I...
  3. Piesofthesky

    Locating degenerate faces?

    Simple question: Is there a way to locate degenerate faces? I have been trying to compile the newest version of my map, but I loaded up the map only to find that it is stuck in fullbright. I have been getting an error in my compile log that says "2 degenerate faces". Unlike with leaks, there is...
  4. Tio Spy

    Map always having fullbright

    I select the option of HDR, but it always goes on dat horrible fullbright, any ideas? Ignore the leaks, trying to solve them already ;P
  5. ok ⠀⠀⠀

    Compile Won't Compile Lights

    This was my first time using Hammer on my computer, and I was making my first map, but when I tried to compile it the map was in fullbright. I tried to verify the game cache, and It didnt work. Any help would be appreciated. ** Executing... ** Command: "C:\Program Files...
  6. T

    Vvis and Vrad not loading

    I have a new mapping concept which I think is pretty great, but I cant get much further into the development process until I fix this one issue. Hammer decided to be a dumb and not include vvis and vrad in the compile process. I am unsure on what is causing this. I looked at some other forums...
  7. Captain Cactus

    Map becomes fullbright on compile

    I started using Compile Pal because I needed to pack some custom assets into my map. Whenever I do a fast compile the lighting seems to work just fine, but when I do a publish compile it's all fullbright despite having a light_environment and multiple regular lights. Here's my compile log...
  8. Swizik

    Fullbright (Repost)

    My map is stuck in full bright, I posted this question a while back but I need more answers, here is a paste bin link to my compile log. https://pastebin.com/7eJrhbBx
  9. Swizik

    Map is stuck on full bright.

    I was starting to make a map, I compiled it, and then even though I had light entities, my map was stuck at full bright, I tried mat_fullbright 0 but nothing worked. I had never got this problem, please help.
  10. Capp

    sudden fullbright

    so, i when i tested my map by myself, i made sure there were no errors, and there weren't. I tested it multiple times and everything went right, i packed it when compiling and nothing seemed to be out of place. But, for some reason, when played in the server, it turned out to be on fullbright...
  11. Fewer

    Map Stuck on Fullbright

    Valve Radiosity Simulator 4 threads [Reading texlights from 'lights.rad'] unknown light specifier type - lights [56 texlights parsed from 'lights.rad'] Despite having both a light_environment and light entities in my map, the map will load with fullbright. It was working for a while and...
  12. Alfy Attack

    72hr PL_DR_NeonRun A1

    I really don't expect anyone to check out the map, and I hope not. This weekend was a terrible placement for the 72 Hour Jam for me, but I'll try my best with no sleep and a handful of hours that I could've had sleeping. This is definitely not my best work, rather I feel like it's my worse...
  13. BigfootBeto

    Bricks/Rubble Pile Example Map VMF

    View the associated tutorial here (https://tf2maps.net/threads/tutorial-how-to-make-a-brick-rubble-pile.30801/) Check the Version history for the BSP file [Warning: It's Fullbright]
  14. beute^

    My Map is in Fullbright ?

    Im making a Frontline! Payload version of ctf_2fort.I added just the Traintracks right now, but when i compile my map it is in Fullbright and the spawn door has a distorted wooden like texture. I dont have any idea how to fix this. I searched around the internet but found nothing. I think it is...
  15. Insert Dongle

    72hr koth_space_pizza a2

    Created By: Insert Ðongle - http://steamcommunity.com/id/rainbowexe STEAM_0:1:49519697 Alfy Attack™ - http://steamcommunity.com/id/alfy_attack STEAM_0:1:19389977 This is technically our first complete map, we've tried making maps before but we never completed them. It's not exactly perfect...