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72hr PL_DR_NeonRun A1

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72hr PL_DR_NeonRun A1

A good warm up for not having made maps in a very long time.

I really don't expect anyone to check out the map, and I hope not. This weekend was a terrible placement for the 72 Hour Jam for me, but I'll try my best with no sleep and a handful of hours that I could've had sleeping.

This is definitely not my best work, rather I feel like it's my worse; however, it feels good to start re-creating concept prototypes and relearning Hammer all over again, so thank you I suppose.

Credits: All textures are custom made by me
John Cena as John Cena
Stars from Nyan Cat
And tool mapping aide Ultimate Mappers Resource Pack (Huge lifesaver to see it actually work!)

Yet again, I would call this a prototype. Textures are misplaced, some triggers don't work properly, and an asset I created isn't implemented, everything is fullbright, and it's so sketched out... basically unfinished is the best term. I wanted to finish with whatever time I had to spare to squeeze into the jam. I apologize I couldn't put in a better effort. :(

Quite honestly, I think I'll work on it a lot more and repost it later with better results. My love for Death Run will never die, and this amalgamation of the mix allows me to relive those glory days.

Thank you.​
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