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Nothing is in this map with you.

  1. I Darkstar X
    This map's theme is an incursion into a large and mysterious facility. While there, BLU will make things explode a lot as they try to trash the place, while RED tries to prevent all that from happening, of course.

    Indeed, I want to add a great deal of cinematic value to the map. (If I could, I'd add it to both sides' accomplishments.) BLU can't enter the facility until blowing the doors off, for example. In my first payload map, as terrible as the rest of it was, the cinematic ending was loved by the testers. I want to give players that feeling throughout the entire map's runtime.

    -This map is PERFECTLY NORMAL.-
    Nothing out of the ordinary will happen to you.
    Nothing is in this map with you.
    Nothing is living in the poorly-lit areas.
    Nothing is watching you.
    Nothing is curious about you.
    Nothing here wants to know what you look like on the inside.
    Contains "Frontline!" content.
    Contains "Construction" content.
    (Should be packed with the bsp.)


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