Havasu a3

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Havasu a3

I've only made like 4 maps so I suck ok

It's been a bit since I made a map and I just randomly got an idea for one.
☁ Cloudy ☁
First release
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King of the Hill

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  • Deadlock
    My first try at a night map. A semi-medieval theme area taken over by the modern military.
  • cp_menneck
    A 5 cp map using the Frontline! assets.

Latest updates

  1. koth_havasu a2 updated to vsh_havasu_a3

    Changes made - Added a new area behind the gargoyle statue - Changed map type to vsh (arena logic) - Made the map overall larger (taller & wider) - Spawns reworked - Added patches to where health and ammo spawn - Fixed some clipping on hedges -...
  2. Havasu updated to a2

    Change log: - Non jumpable hedges are now 3 hedges tall rather than 2 - The side ledge areas now have a larger entrance - Side ares now have boxes to make jumping up easier - There are now boxes to allow you to jump onto the smaller hedges as...