Trailblazer (72hr version) B1

A autumnal 3cp map created in under 72 hours!

  1. Necrσ
    This map is being re-developed into a full 5cp remake! Check it out here

    Trailblazer is a 3cp map, similar to cp_powerhouse.

    Created for the 2017 summer 72hour jam.

    Thanks to void and the contributors to the autumn mini-pack specifically for custom content found in the map

    cp_trailblazer_b10007.jpg cp_trailblazer_b10006.jpg cp_trailblazer_b10005.jpg cp_trailblazer_b10004.jpg cp_trailblazer_b10003.jpg cp_trailblazer_b10002.jpg cp_trailblazer_b10001.jpg cp_trailblazer_b10000.jpg
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