cp_porter (3 Point A/D)

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Jan 15, 2015
Made this map years ago with way too much ambition and it ended up burning me out almost immediately after playtesting it, never making it to Beta. It is originally meant to take place on farmlands (similar to the 2fort look), you can probably see what I was trying to do but ended up failing, plus I was a lot less skilled then.

This will be an INVITE, so just hit me up if you are interested! And if you would like to keep the farm theme (hopefully you do!), the following are required:

Generic Farm Props
Haybale by E-Arkham

The big gameplay related to-dos I had planned:
  • Redo pathing between A and B
  • Remake B altogether because it was made really lazily
  • Make Blu start area flow a lot smoother to A



  • cp_porter_a9.bsp
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Crime and Punishment
Oct 5, 2020
I love the farm theme! I would be interesting in reviving this map.