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CP_Roadside B1

A TF2 Classic Control Point Level that takes place in a abandoned beach/farm resort.

WARNING: This map is meant for TF2 Classic NOT TF2 Original!
roadside screenshot hotel ext.png
roadside school.png
roadside screenshot prison ext.png
roadside pathmark.png
hotel lobby.png

CP_Roadside Takes place in a beach roadside in which has a old hotel that both the RED and BLU team want to take control over and expand their businesses. BLU Team wants to expand and place an edition onto the hotel and the RED Team wants to tear it down and make it a oil mine.

I just made that story on the spot LOL. But seriously. You have the RED Team stationed at an old school house and the BLU Team stationed at an old prison. The map I'd say takes place around the year 2000. 32 years after when tf2 takes place.

The map is pretty optimized, and features plenty of active scenery. There are a few pieces of land that stray away from the battlement area but for the most part it's pretty much your basic hl2/tf2 map.

It's a pretty big sized map so it will take a minute or so on average to get to the middle control point.

It was originally made as a roleplay map for Garry's Mod but overall, I feel it works best for a control/arena based map. I hope you guys enjoy it as I did making it.
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