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  1. Ashe_tfwiki

    [Tutorial] How to make point_worldtext work in the new vscript beta

    UPDATE: If you use Puddy's pack, it just got updated with the new entities. 1. Go to your base.fgd (or tf-puddy.fgd if you are using the Puddy's resource pack) in Team Fortress 2/bin/ 2. Paste this at the bottom. This was taken from CS:GO @PointClass base(Targetname, Parentname, Angles)...
  2. Chaos

    Making the HHH only spawn once?

    So I have a Halloween map I want to get back to making, and I wanna put everyone's favorite pumpkin headed, axe-wielding maniac. I have it set up where he spawn in after a random amount of time. Only problem is, if enough time goes by another one might spawn. How can I make it so only one can be...
  3. Ðoge

    Help with complicated ultiduo map

    So, I need to allow player to use only training rocket launcher. At first I tried to work with "trigger_multiple and command entity kill TF_Weapon_RocketLauncher", to delete default rocket launcher and force player to use training. But it deletes both weapons, and I couldn`t find a way how to...
  4. ButteredSideDown

    Problem with prop recognition in hammer

    I have this issue where if i don't get close enough to an entity or a prop, it gets replaced with a big colourful box covering it. This makes it incredibly hard to make out which of my props and entities are which, plus it makes it difficult to pick out props that i need for my map.
  5. r0nii

    how to do custom entity? (Solved)

    i got many problems on my map and while solving first one another its coming and solutions running out. do anyone knows how to do custom entity or combine few in one? those entities i need but makes troubles: tf_logic_player_destruction team_control_point_master tf_logic_player_destruction...
  6. Cindycomma

    Does anyone know what entity this is?

    So... I've been working on a PD map and was trying to make a sprite much like the one in watergate The bottle, by the way, not the outline I've looked through the entities and I cant find it, does anyone know what entity it is?
  7. Werewolf

    Is it possible to use the 'Cow Mangler' / 'Righteous Bison' projectiles with tf_point_weapon_mimic?

    As the title says, I want to be able to fire either of these types of projectiles via a tf_point_weapon_mimic which at the moment only supports 'Rockets', 'Grenades', 'Arrows' or 'Stickies'. I had assumed that the Cow Mangler projectile was a type of rocket with its own particle effect, but I...
  8. pgfckr

    Switch the teams via entity

    Prob stupid question but I can't figure out how to make the red team the blu team/ blu team red team via an entity. In my setup a math_counter is supposed to trigger this when it reaches a certain value but I don't know which entity to use for the switch around part. Feels like this should be...
  9. Silicon_E

    Can non-player entities activate triggers?

    I decided to play around with the I/O system and discovered something strange: Sentries, teleporters, stickies, etc can't seem to activate triggers. Does anyone know if it is possible to get them to do this, and if so, how?
  10. Mozz_Gaming

    Game_ui controls

    I’m currently in the process in building a death run map (had freezing issues with it but that was fixed in another thread :p) I am trying to build a mini game where the death is a final boss and controls a laser to point at the runners. The problem is this, I know that I would have to use a...
  11. mat_phong 0

    How do I make a player only have melee?

    I am planning in making a map but I cannot make players have only melee. How can I make that possible? I'd also like to know how to make the player able to pick up weapons around the map and how to spawn the weapon that can be picked up.
  12. Dadema

    what is tf_template_stun_drone?

    When I tried to use this in game, it said that it was an unknown entity. Does anyone know what this is?
  13. Werewolf

    I'd like some help clarifing Entities and Edicts

    I've had a few people in my community ask about the difference between the two, and while I *think* I have a good idea on what is and isn't and entity or edict, I'd like to clarify some points. Partly for my own curiosity sake, but also so I can actually explain this stuff to other people...
  14. FloofCollie

    An entity in my map is leaking... but it doesn't exist...?

    Hi, all! It's me again, with another nooby question! So, I shambled together my very first map over the past two weeks, and I've pretty much finished the first Alpha stage. However, upon a compile, the Compile Process Window tells me there's an entity that's leaking. Thanks to Crash's Compiler...
  15. Peppridge Farms

    TF2 logic_timer

    So I recently completed almost everything on a map I am making for my group, a halloween themed map. However, I set a logic_timer entity to fire even 120 seconds which will spawn tf_zombie (skeletons) entities as well as one skeleton king. I can get it to spawn them once but the timer wont reset...
  16. Thucket Bucket

    I am a beginner who needs some help

    Hi, Hello, I need some help with me creating my map, all entitys I create appear as purple/yellow boxes until I get really close, help.
  17. chemelia

    Tug of War Payload - Ynders Edition V2

    A simple 3-point tug-o-war payload prefab. The entity setup is based on Icarus's, but is less complex, with only 3 points, a cap of 3 on the text display, and no dynamic push speed changes.
  18. Alaxe

    How Do I Spawn A Projectile?

    In my map that I am working on, I want to have projectiles fire out of specific points. Such as rockets, flares, arrows, ect. I was hoping to have the "projectile shooter" have options to fire at varying times..... or something like that. Hopefully something like this is possible. Dodge ball...
  19. Z

    logic_timer help

    How do I set the logic_timer to reset the timer, say if I want it to fire and activate an entity or a spawner every 60 seconds?
  20. Peppridge Farms

    tf_zombie entity

    Could someone provide instruction on how to use the tf_zombie entity in hammer? I am aware of a nav. mesh requirement, however I completely forgot how to get the entity to spawn NPC's.