Is it possible to use the 'Cow Mangler' / 'Righteous Bison' projectiles with tf_point_weapon_mimic?


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Apr 12, 2011
As the title says, I want to be able to fire either of these types of projectiles via a tf_point_weapon_mimic which at the moment only supports 'Rockets', 'Grenades', 'Arrows' or 'Stickies'.

I had assumed that the Cow Mangler projectile was a type of rocket with its own particle effect, but I could not find any listed particle effects for that weapon on the VDC.

In short does anyone know of any way to achieve this and if so, how?


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Oct 28, 2017
Don't rely on the VDC for any of this information, its horribly outdated (especially the particle list)

Check the particle list using -tools in the launch options and loading the particle editor

Taken from my FGD, although this may not be what you are looking for

@PointClass base(TFProjectile) iconsprite("editor-ficool2/tf_projectile_energy_ball") = tf_projectile_energy_ball :
"Cow Mangler alt-fire energy ball."

@PointClass base(TFProjectile) iconsprite("editor-ficool2/tf_projectile_energy_ring") = tf_projectile_energy_ring :
"Cow Mangler alt-fire energy ring (from energy ball)."

Unfortunately the projectiles won't deal damage if you spawn them directly in that way (using a point_template), so I advise you do the point_mimic method instead (but you won't be able to fire outputs if the entity hits something, so stuff like the fizzling ragdolls or sounds won't be possible to fake)


Jul 14, 2009
The way the entity is set up, the best you can do is spawn regular rockets and override their model. Sorry