High security elevator area A1

High Security up lifting prefab

  1. Cynder loves Portal
    The file contains an example map, prefabs for red and blue base.

    The prefabs for the red and blue base do not include lighting.

    All screenshots are taken from the example map:

    2018_10_09 20_19_02.png 2018_10_09 20_19_45.png 2018_10_09 20_20_01.png 2018_10_09 20_21_06.png 2018_10_09 20_21_20.png 2018_10_09 20_21_59.png 2018_10_09 20_22_11.png 2018_10_09 20_22_22.png 2018_10_09 20_23_28.png