Elevator Capture Point Prefab

Elevator Capture Point Prefab 2017-07-10

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Elevator Capture Point Prefab 2017-07-10

A capture point that moves up on an elevator when being capped

Originally used in cp_blizzard, uploaded with permission of collab partner. Free to use, for free, without permission. If you wish to credit anyone, credit @PyroDevil and @KubeKing. This prefab expands upon an A/D capture point setup originally found in the Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack.

This is a capture point on top of an elevator. If Blu team begins to capture the point, the elevator will rise. If capture progress is halted, the elevator will lower, and sparks will be emitted from the elevator's mechanisms. If the point is captured, the elevator will stop at the top of its path.

Please note: the speed for the elevator needs to be changed manually for it to match with the capture time. Also, if you plan on not including a deathpit below the elevator, test to make sure that players being crushed underneath the elevator doesn't cause any significant glitches.
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