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Canvas/Tent Textures 2

Canvas tent textures, loosely inspired by the ones seen on models in Carnival of Carnage

A set of canvas tent textures so you can make your own circus tents, shop awnings, archaeological digs, and marinas.
Includes four colors adapted from the circus tents seen in Carvinal of Carnage (red, blue, purple and green striped) and three more adaptable solid colors (Egypt Khaki, Military Green, and Off White).

Each color also comes with a polar projected variant that can be used to create rounder shapes!

And thanks to Freyja for the TF2 Utils for Substance Painter.
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Visual Update

    Removed overzealous detail map, added cloth fibers to base color instead Tweaked textural feel of the whole thing, 23% more tf2-y White cloth is a little bit brighter Fixed the stitching bump being misaligned with the visuals