7 Flat [Single Color] Skyboxes V2

7 skyboxes made of single colors.

  1. Fault in Maps
    7 Single Color skyboxes for whatever purpose you might find for them? Made cause I needed a pure white background for a different project, figured I'd compile a little collection.

    Included skyboxes:
    BLACK - sky_flatblack_01
    BLUE - sky_flatblue_01 (bluteam blue)
    BROWN - sky_flatbrown_01
    GREEN - sky_flatgreen_01 (greenscreen)
    GREY - sky_flatgrey_01
    RED - sky_flatred_01 (redteam red)
    WHITE - sky_flatwhite_01

    Also included is a greenscreen texture for your terrain.
    CC0 - Free to use, no strings attached, no credit needed!


    1. Skyboxes.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. UnlitGeneric for Greenscreen Mat