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  1. Captain Cactus

    Snowy a4

    Idk why red would build a warehouse so close to a cliff but they did.
  2. Cincomma

    Halloween Death Pit Player Screams [Resolved]

    Hello TF2Maps Community! I have yet another kink I need to work out. I'm trying to make a Halloween death pit for a map of mine in progress, but I can't find the sound of the player screaming whilst falling (ex. Ghost Fort, Pit of Death, Snowplow) I would appreciate to know how to do so, and...
  3. Segab

    cp_neighbor b3

    My first full fledged TF2 map. A single-stage 2cp attack-defend map, set in a city at night. The idea is that both teams spawn in apartment buildings and the fights happen in the things that got built between them. Inspired by San Francisco and Montreal, for the weirdly shaped streets next to a...
  4. onra77

    cp_woodhill b3

    Hi everyone, I am making this map for the connect 5 challenge. My grid is: My map is a wood factory in the night, a 2CP attack/defense. It contains sawblades, development textures, a deadly water current, sewers, trees and computers. ==Screenshots== I am also making a vlog (french...
  5. Mess About

    Board a1

    Egypt theme again, also there're some torches that don't lit, because of the snow (I haven't added it in yet). Overview: Spawn area: Intel in a pit Connecting bridge Middle area
  6. suber36g

    How to make intel respawn when touch pit?

    I am making a CTF map but i don't know how to make the intel respawn when it in the death pit, how can i fix this?
  7. NoodleCollie

    steeple b3fix

    Arena map built around a hydroelectric facility. Hopefully this'll give me a reason to actually practice detailing soon.