Multi Stage Freeze a7

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Multi Stage Freeze a7

An A/D map set in winter

[Screenshots Outdated]

There was no main theme for this map except "winter" i'll may go for an industrial-ish theme tho.
First release
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Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. a7 - update

    Whats New? Added more health and ammo overall on stage 1 and 3 Elevated floor in lobby area on stage 1 point 2 Raised a roof to block a sightline on stage 1 point 1 Blocked some sightlines on stage 1 and 3 Thanks to all the playtesters!
  2. a6 - update

    Whats New? Added some arrows to show people where to go Added a ramp on stage 2 in one of the rooms Added more health on stage 1 point 1 Added a building on stage 2 point 2 instead of barrels Increased distance between the point and blu spawn on...
  3. a5 - update

    Whats new? added more health and ammo overall added block bullet brushes on all doors to prevent items like the mad milk or jarate from splashing players threw the set up gates added spectator cams redesigned stage 1 point 1 redesigned stage 3...