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Looking for a collab for a jungle themed map

Discussion in 'Request Area' started by Zloykotara, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Zloykotara

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    Hi so im looking for a collab. Im pretty bad at making a layouts, but i could sertantly make a map look pretty. So idea for the map visuals is that a control point will be at dig site and there will be a temple on the right of the map and the underground tunnels on the left side Also the emtire map will be under a big cliff.Thats short explanation, but i have i big plans for it . So if anyone want to collab with me to help with making a layout for this project, i would be very greatful. (sorry for my bad english)

    Here's my previous work: 1.
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  2. takabuschik

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    I actually might have an idea for a layout. I'd be happy to collab on it.
    What I got in mind is a 2cp attack/defence map, I don't have a theme in mind but I'm sure the jungle would work just fine with it!
    Contact me on steam (I'm takabuschik on steam as well).
    EDIT: previous experience of mine visible at my signature down here: \/
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  3. Bearface

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    Absolutely gorgeous previous works.
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