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Across Alpha 8

5cp map with trains, death pits and more

cp_across is a 5cp map with trains, death pits and more
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP
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Latest updates

  1. Fixes and Improvements I

    Alpha 8 Changes™ : Added New Area with a death pit Added New high ground area at The choke point leading to last Placed more health and ammo packs around the map Added even more LIGHTS in caves Fixed Doors // all doors in caves for some...
  2. Minor Fixes and Improvements II

    Alpha 7.2 Changes™ : Implemented a new alarm system for incoming trains Fixed Blu Flank Tunel Not being symmetrical to Red one Added Missing Cacti Added Missing Clips AND MORE™
  3. Minor Fixes and Improvements I

    Alpha 7 Changes™ : Changed Last Point "a little bit" Added Missing Clips Disabled shadows of all door props Made some insignificant changes to last point flank Made so jumping form Red Base to Blu One is Impossible and vice versa Added...