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  1. Chuck_TF

    Blu Moon. 2018-07-28

    Made for the 72 Hour Summer Jam 2018.
  2. XEnderFaceX

    Soundscript for Blu/Red Announcements Problem

    Hi im making a Frontline themed Map, i want to use the unused Voicelines for Payload Race. i made a Soundscript and placed them into the Scripts folder, they look like this: "Announcer.RedB" { "volume" "1" "pitch" "10,250" "wave" "announcer_sound\announcer_plr_racegeneral11.wav" }...
  3. Morphe

    Demoman Sitting in the Rain 2017-08-05

  4. AlexCookie

    Whiter Blu Computer Walls v1

    Installation: Open the downloaded archive Drag the folder inside it to tf/custom Done!
  5. suber36g

    Drainpump a2

    Once a year, the Badland get flooded with the finest rain. While Mann Co. pump it up and sell it, Red and Blu try giving each other false information about where the Australium are at. Drainpump is a Capture the flag map that have pitfall, who doesn't love pitfall! This is my first map by the...
  6. doug

    72hr Jam 2022 Spy drawing 2017-02-12

    Not a very good drawing, I'm just starting out. Took a me a little while so enjoy! i guess.
  7. Sockie

    72hr Jam 2022 high noon 2017-02-11

    2 engies meet on a bridge. only one walks away.
  8. j0hn

    72hr Jam 2022 Sticky Jumping! - 72hr Jam Entry 2017-02-11

    This is my entry for the 72hr TF2Jam! My first ever time participating, hope you like my entry!
  9. Labet1001

    72hr Jam 2022 Armwrestling 2017-02-11

    It's a picture that mimics the old video quality of a vhs and in the picture heavy is shown arm wrestling with his robot version while both teams cheer them on. Made in gmod and edited in photoshop.
  10. P

    pl_roaring_flame a8

    Stately. Dignified. Divine. An awe-inspiring testament to the blessings of creation. This is what one could call the Roaring Flame Plateaus of the Badlands before the white man showed up. After decades of strip mining for gravel and other precious minerals, the Roaring Flame Plateaus became a...
  11. MagmaDude

    72hr Jam 2022 SFM: Eternal War 2016-07-29

    Just an SFM Poster that I made. The Scout is based off: (Its edited slightly)
  12. Nicky

    Blu Bull Sign Re-upload

    Need something to tide you over for the last few hours of your all nighter? Need a burst of motivation to reach the deadline of the 72 Hour Jam? Well, I can't give you moral support, but I can give you artificial, and maybe radioactive energy from the new, top of the line, Blu Bull! This thirst...
  13. latios95

    Arena_Madcap 2016-07-04

    The arena version of my map : dm_madcap. I hope you appreciate it.
  14. Crash

    Team Colored Glass 2016-05-05

    glasswindow001red and glasswindow001blu Put in your tf/materials folder
  15. Crash

    imetal002b 2016-05-05

    imetal002b to go with imetal002 put in tf/materials