Blu Bull Sign Re-upload

Gives you 72 gigawatts of energy!

  1. Nicky
    Need something to tide you over for the last few hours of your all nighter? Need a burst of motivation to reach the deadline of the 72 Hour Jam? Well, I can't give you moral support, but I can give you artificial, and maybe radioactive energy from the new, top of the line, Blu Bull! This thirst quenching mixture is sure to get you up and on your toes! It is scientifically proven to give you 72 gigawatts of energy! That's enough for one gigawatt per hour during the Jam! Critics claim that Blu Bull is superior to all caffeine competitors. Guaranteed, or your money back (not really, I'm keeping the money).

    A poster to be used generally on the BLU side of maps. The size of the texture is 512x512. When you download the zip, you will get:


    The path for the texture should be materials/signs/blu_bull_sign.vtf
    If you use this in your map, please be sure to credit me!

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  1. ArskaWarrior
    Version: Re-upload
    I wasn't able to stop laughing when I saw this. I will likely use it at my new map project.