Drainpump a2

A capture the flag where you bring a false intelligence to the enemy base. Also pitfall!

  1. suber36g
    Once a year, the Badland get flooded with the finest rain. While Mann Co. pump it up and sell it, Red and Blu try giving each other false information about where the Australium are at.

    Drainpump is a Capture the flag map that have pitfall, who doesn't love pitfall! This is my first map by the way, so expect unbalances, clipping problems and More!
    ctf_drainpump_a10003.jpg ctf_drainpump_a10004.jpg ctf_drainpump_a10001.png ctf_drainpump_a10002.png ctf_drainpump_a10004.png ctf_drainpump_a10000.jpg

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